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Workforce Success Webinar Series

Grow Detroit's Young Talent

Finding and retaining talent is the greatest challenge businesses are facing across the country. To support employers in our region, the Detroit Regional Chamber developed the Workforce Success Toolkit, and accompanying Workforce Success Webinar Series, to help employers navigate strategies to attract, develop, advance and retain current and future talent.

The Workforce Success Webinar Series will be led by Jon Kaplan, former chief learning officer at Discover Financial Services and national leader in employer-led upskilling and tuition assistance support. It will provide a deep dive into three of the most important topics in talent:

  • Education assistance programs
  • Internships and work-based learning
  • Creating a learning culture

For those interested in learning more about these programs, our Education and Talent Advisers are available to guide your leaders in implementing strategies that meet the needs of your business and industry.

Previous Events

Creating a Learning Culture at Work

inancial barriers are just one reason adults choose not to pursue post-secondary education. Tuition assistance is an excellent first step, but employers should strive to create a culture of continuous learning and to be seen as education-friendly in every way possible. During this webinar, attendees learned strategies for building a learning culture to drive retention, increase employee engagement, and improve talent outcomes. Watch a recording.

Internships and Work-Based Learning

Learn about the different types of work-based learning opportunities, their benefits to employers, and strategies for building a high-quality program at your workplace. This webinar is a great opportunity for employers to learn about how internships and work-based learning opportunities strengthen the talent pipeline, provide additional capacity to businesses, and give students and employees valuable skills and knowledge. Watch a recording.

Getting Started with Education Assistance

earn how to improve employee retention and promotion outcomes. Led by Jon Kaplan, this webinar taught attendees how to develop or scale a tuition assistance program, which 76% of workers reported would keep them at their current organization. Attendees also learned strategies for making the most out of an investment in tuition reimbursement and strategies for increasing program utilization. Watch a recording.

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