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Robert Eric Troutman Transportation Scholarship

Robert Troutman

In memory of Robert Eric Troutman, former director of talent and workforce development at the Detroit Regional Chamber, this scholarship was created because of his love of and dedication to Detroit students.

This scholarship will assist Detroit Promise college students with transportation costs, a significant barrier to educational success, by supplying regional bus passes. With your financial support, the vision of the scholarship is to expand assistance to additional transportation costs, such as ridesharing and car repairs.

Troutman worked in education and talent at the Chamber for 29 years and was responsible for more than 6,000 college students with full-tuition scholarships covered by the Chamber’s Detroit Compact and, later, the Detroit Promise.

In addition to creating the Detroit Promise scholarship program and working with his team to develop partnerships with 26 higher education institutions, Troutman assisted in the launch of the Detroit Promise Path to provide additional support to Promise students attending community college.

Troutman’s ultimate motivation was the success of Compact and Promise students, and the impact of his dedication and care for students will continue to be felt and witnessed for decades to come.

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