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2025 FAQs & Attendee Information

2023 Mackinac Policy Conference Attendees

Mackinac Policy Conference Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a first-time attendee or have been coming to the Mackinac Policy Conference for years, here is some basic information to help you prepare for your stay.

For questions about registration, please contact 313.596.0305 or for assistance.

General Registration Questions

When is the 2025 Conference?

The 2025 Mackinac Policy Conference will be from Tuesday, May 27, to Friday, May 30, 2025.

What is the Mackinac Policy Conference fee and what does it include?

Conference fee includes credentials, materials and gifts, admittance to meetings, receptions, and special entertainment. Conference pricing is subject to change. The fee does not cover hotel accommodations, meals in the Grand Hotel dining room, or the PAC reception. If paying by check, payment must be received by Friday, May 16, 2025.

Is registration open and what is the registration fee?

Registration for the 2025 Mackinac Policy Conference opens on Monday, May 20.

Elite and Premier Members General Members            Future Members  
$3,200 $3,700 $4,900 
Why is there new and different pricing for the Mackinac Policy Conference?

All Chamber members receive the benefit of reduced registration fees for the Mackinac Policy Conference. Our Elite and Premier members receive a more significant price advantage as a benefit to their membership status.

What is the deadline to cancel my registration?

The deadline to cancel your registration is Friday, April 25, 2025. A 10% processing fee will be applied to canceled registrations. To cancel your registration, contact Marianne Bogard at

Can I transfer my registration?

Registered attendees can transfer their registration to another individual within their organization anytime prior to the Conference for no additional charge. To transfer your registration, contact Marianne Bogard at

Will registration be limited for 2025?

Registration for the 2025 Conference is limited to 1,500 attendees.

I would like to bring my spouse/partner to the Conference. Will they need to register?

All individuals on Grand Hotel property are required to have a Conference registration credential. Individuals without a Conference credential will not be permitted to be on Grand Hotel property. Conference security staff monitors Grand Hotel activities to ensure all individuals on Grand Hotel property are registered for the Conference.

Is there a discounted rate for my spouse/partner?

There is not a spouse/partner registration option. Your spouse/partner will need to register at full price as a Conference attendee to be onsite at Grand Hotel.

I secured a room at Grand Hotel with my spouse/partner, but they will not attend the Conference or leave the room.

All individuals on Grand Hotel property are required to have a Conference registration credential.

Grand Hotel and the Chamber jointly review the attendee roster and the hotel guest list to ensure all guests of the hotel are registered for the Conference. Your hotel accommodations are not confirmed if you have not registered all guests in your party for the Conference.

I am staying at a downtown Mackinac Island hotel. Do I need to register my spouse/partner for the Conference?

If your spouse does not plan to be on Grand Hotel property, they do not need to be registered or have a Conference credential.

However, if your spouse/partner would like to participate in any Conference sessions, meals, or social functions, they will need a Conference credential. If your spouse does not have a Conference credential, they will not be permitted on Grand Hotel property.

Conference security staff monitors Grand Hotel activities to ensure all individuals on Grand Hotel property are registered for the Conference.


Island Hotel Reservations

Reservations open on Thursday, May 30, 2024.

Attendees will need their “Hotel Code” from their 2025 Conference confirmation email to make their reservation. This process is for all attendees not staying at Grand Hotel. If you typically receive access to a Grand Hotel room through the Chamber, you will be notified about what to do by the Chamber.

Please see the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau website for a list of Mackinac Island hotels.

How many rooms can I reserve with my Hotel Code?

One code provides access to one room reservation. Each registrant receives an individual code specifically associated with their registration. One code cannot be used to reserve multiple rooms.

Grand Hotel Rooms

Due to the increasing room requirements for sponsors, speakers, the Chamber’s Board of Directors, and select government officials, Grand Hotel will no longer hold a “call-in day” for room reservations. If you previously accessed a room by calling the Grand Hotel to make a reservation, you will need to secure accommodations at a different hotel.

Individuals must be registered for the Conference to be added to the waitlist. There is no guarantee that individuals on the waitlist for a Grand Hotel room will gain access to a room. The Chamber highly encourages anyone submitting their name to the waitlist to make alternative hotel accommodations.

If you traditionally access a Grand Hotel room through the Chamber, the Chamber will reach out to you directly via email on Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2025, with the details you need to secure your reservation. If you have questions about your Grand Hotel access through the Chamber, please contact Marianne Bogard at

Getting To The Conference

How do I get to Mackinac Island?

Proceed northbound on I-75, take exit 337, and follow the signs to Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry. The approximate driving time from Detroit is five hours, plus a 15-minute ferry ride to the Island.

Can I fly to the Conference?

Delta Air Lines flies from Detroit Metro (DTW) to Pellston Regional Airport (PLN).

Guests can arrange ground transportation from Pellston to Mackinac Island by calling Mackinaw Shuttle at 888.349.8294. Advance reservations are recommended.

If you are interested in chartering a plane directly to Mackinac Island from Oakland County International Airport, call Calvin Ford of Pentastar Aviation at 800.662.9612. Advance reservations are required.

How do I get ferry tickets for the Conference? When do the ferries run?

Electronic Ferry Ticket Only: Ferry tickets will be emailed a week prior to the Conference, on Monday, May 182025, to the email address you used to register for the Conference. Ferry tickets will not be mailed. If you don’t receive an electronic ticket in your inbox, check your spam, junk, or clutter folders.

Conference attendees staying in Mackinaw City will not incur daily fees for Shepler’s Ferry transportation. Attendees must pick up a complimentary ticket at the ticket office. A ferry schedule for 2025 will be available at a later date.

Shepler’s Ferry service will provide a complimentary roundtrip shuttle service between Mackinaw City hotels and Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry dock. Guests will need to request a shuttle and should plan to call Shepler’s Ferry (231.436.5023) 30 minutes before the ferry they would like to ride..

How do I get to Grand Hotel and around the Island?

Most Conference attendees are staying at other hotels. For convenience, each registrant at a hotel other than Grand Hotel will receive four complimentary taxi tickets when picking up Conference credentials. Taxis have also been secured to shuttle attendees staying at Mission Point to and from Grand Hotel with no taxi tickets required.

Additional taxi tickets are available at the Grand Hotel front desk at attendees’ own expense. Driver gratuity is always appreciated. Taxis will be available at peak times for Chamber guests for transit to Grand Hotel. The average taxi ride price is $4.75 to $6.75 for a one-way trip to Grand Hotel.

In case a taxi is not waiting when you need it, call Mackinac Carriage Tours/Taxi Office at 906.847.3323.


Are meals included with my Conference registration?

Your Conference registration fee includes:


  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday


  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

Dinner Receptions 

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

The Conference registration fee does not include meals in the main dining room. You must have a meal ticket for any meal in the Grand Hotel dining room. If you are staying at Grand Hotel, you will receive a guest card at check-in. If you are not staying at Grand Hotel, tickets can be purchased by calling 800.33.GRAND or at the front desk. 

When and where do I pick up my Conference credentials?

Upon arrival at Grand Hotel, pick up your credentials and Conference materials at the lobby level, down the hall from the hotel’s front desk. Admission to sessions and social events will not be allowed without a Conference name badge.

Throughout the Conference, Grand Hotel access is limited only to registered and credentialed Conference attendees. Individuals attempting to obtain access to Grand Hotel property, events, and the Porch who are not registered and credentialed will not be permitted access.

Attendees will be required to display their credentials to gain entry to all Conference functions, including meals, sessions, and receptions taking place on Grand Hotel’s properties.


I’m having trouble finding a location. Do you have a map?

Attendees looking for a map of Mackinac Island and Grand Hotel can view the maps below.


What is the Conference check-in process?

In 2025, the Chamber will continue to implement the new security measures it created in 2024 to ensure a safe and secure environment for Conference attendees. These protocols could cause increased wait times when picking up credentials on Tuesday, May 27, and Wednesday, May 28, when you first arrive at Grand Hotel.

Attendees are required to show a government-issued photo ID like a driver’s license or passport to pick up credentials at the Conference registration desk upon arrival. If your  ID does not match your Conference registration, please notify the Chamber at as soon as possible.

In addition to the Conference credential that must be worn at all times to access the Conference, attendees will receive and be required to wear a wristband.

If you remove your wristband after leaving the hotel, a new wristband is required for reentry. The wristbands are available throughout the Conference at the registration desk. To receive a replacement wristband, a government-issued photo ID that matches your Conference credential is required.

What if I lose my Conference credentials?

Attendees will be required to display their credentials to gain entry to all Conference functions, including meals, sessions, receptions, press conferences, and private events taking place on any Grand Hotel properties, including the Porch. Attendees who lose their badge during the Conference must pay a $50 badge replacement fee.

Where can I work on the Island?

Attendees looking for business and communications services can utilize the Attendee Business Center on the Parlor level of Grand Hotel. Staff will be available to assist you with your business needs.

How can I see the attendee list?

The attendee list will be available to registered attendees via the Conference App.

How can I download the Conference App?

The Conference App will be available in the App Store and Google Play in May 2025.

What is the hashtag for the Conference?

The Chamber encourages attendees to post about the Conference using the hashtag #MPC25 on all major social networks.

How do I make calls, send faxes, and keep in touch with my office?

There will be a communication center at Grand Hotel, which will provide Conference participants with items like fax machines, color printers, and computer workstations.

Can I host a private meeting or event during the Conference?

Grand Hotel properties offer many options for private meeting or event space. During the Conference, the Chamber oversees scheduling all property space. Scheduling unsanctioned Conference meetings or events is at the Chamber’s discretion. Meetings and events can not conflict with Conference programming and priority is given to Conference sponsors. For more information, call Jim Connarn at 313.596.0391 or email

What do I need to pack?

Grand Hotel has slightly relaxed its dress code for the Conference. Throughout the week, attendees are encouraged to dress in business casual or resort attire. No ties are encouraged. However, comfortable shoes are a must as attendees will walk a lot throughout the Conference.

All receptions and many 2025 social events and meals will be held outdoors (weather permitting). Mackinac Island weather can be very unpredictable, but temperatures have an average range of 51° F to 70° F, and the sun will set at approximately 9:20 p.m. Be sure to pack a rain jacket or umbrella, dress in layers for crisp mornings and cool evenings.

Are face masks required?

Face masks are not required. Attendees are welcome to wear a face mask at their discretion.

Registration Policies

Mackinac Policy Conference Fee

Conference fee includes credentials, materials and gifts, admittance to meetings, receptions, and special entertainment. Conference pricing is subject to change. The fee does not cover hotel accommodations, meals in the Grand Hotel dining room, or the PAC reception. If paying by check, payment must be received by Friday, May 16, 2025.

2025 Registration Rates

Registration opens on Monday, May 20, 2024.

Elite and Premier Members General Members            Future Members  
$3,200 $3,700 $4,900 
Solicitation Policy

Solicitation of Conference attendees to fundraise or sell any idea, product, service, venture, cause, or action, however worthy or potentially of value to the solicited member, is prohibited while on Grand Hotel property. While much of the Conference’s value comes from its networking capability, and while we do not intend to interfere with that benefit, the Chamber has received many requests for such a policy from regular Conference attendees. Individuals violating this policy will be dealt with immediately and could be excluded from the Conference immediately and in the future.

The Chamber controls the distribution of “Conference-sanctioned materials” throughout the Grand Hotel and other Conference venues. Distribution of other materials is strictly prohibited. No attendee or organization (company, entity, media outlet, political campaign) can distribute materials, publications, postcards, other items, or gifts on Grand Hotel property (including the main Conference venue and other facilities owned and operated by Grand Hotel) and Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry facilities. If non-sanctioned materials are found, Conference staff is instructed to remove and dispose of the materials from the premises. Individuals distributing materials will be dealt with immediately and could be excluded from the Conference immediately and in the future.

Video Cameras and Recording

Video cameras and recording devices by credentialed media are not allowed in the Grand Hotel Theatre without permission of the Chamber AND AN ESCORT BY CHAMBER STAFF for B-roll only. News organizations that want to capture main stage programming inside the Theatre may make a special request through the Media Center to be escorted into the Theatre for limited recording. Media wishing to capture video/audio of main stage programming in the Theatre are provided access to a pool feed. The Chamber reserves the right to ask a reporter with a camera to leave the Theatre at any time.

NOTE: Due to contracts with Conference speakers, video and audio recordings of some Conference speakers may be restricted or may not be allowed. 

Flash Photography

Flash photography is not allowed in Grand Hotel Theatre. Photographers shooting in the Theatre are welcome to take photographs but must not use a flash. A Flickr photo feed will be uploaded in real-time, and media will be provided the link or can request it by emailing Catia Sabak.

Attendee Authorization Statement

I hereby grant permission to the Detroit Regional Chamber to utilize my name, photograph, image, likeness, signature, voice, actions, and/or statements from any program or event, whether live or recorded audio, video, photographic media, or any other context or media now known or hereinafter devised, and further grant the Detroit Regional Chamber the right and ability to alter, copy, display, distribute, edit, exhibit, modify, perform, publish, or create derivative works of any version of any program or the event, all without further authorization, consent, or compensation.

How to Register

1. Choose the event from the list of available events.

You can find registration instructions here. 

*Note: If you have not already created a login for the Detroit Regional Chamber website, you will need to do so before registering for an event. Instructions for creating an account can be found here. 

2. Choose the person/people to be registered.

The organization and attendee fields will automatically be filled in with your information.

  • If you want to register a different person, click the drop-down and choose the correct person.
  • To add more than one person to the cart, at the same time, turn on Register Multiple Attendees.
3. If the person you need to register is not in the drop-down list, you can add them by clicking on Add New Contact.

This will add a new record for your organization.

*When adding a new employee, please make sure your cart shows the correct pricing before you process the payment. If it’s incorrect, remove them from the cart and re-add. If you have issues, please contact

4. A window will pop up for you to enter the information.

When you are finished, click Create to add the person to the drop-down list. Please be patient. This may take a few seconds to process. Do not click create more than once.

5. Confirm the following fields:
  • Correct attendee(s) selected.
  • Correct session (s) selected.
  • Pricing is correct.
  • Spouse/partner name filled in (if applicable).
6. Click add to cart.
7. Items added to the cart will display under Selected Registrants.
8. Once all attendees are added to the cart click Go to Cart.
9. Review all items in cart before proceeding with payment information.
10. Confirm your billing information is correct.

*Important note: If using a credit card for payment, be sure Zip is the zip code associated with the credit card to be charged.

11. Choose the payment type.
  • Credit card
  • eCheck
12. Once all the relevant information is complete, click Process Payment.
13. When the payment has processed, the confirmation screen will appear.
14. Print the page, if desired.
For questions about or assistance with registration, please contact 313.596.0305 or
Grand Hotel

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