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Eden Gardens Block Club – July 2019 Update

July 8, 2019
Eden Gardens Community Association had a successful grand opening of our intergenerational park on June the 9th. The new equipment added to the playground was a playscape, and baby swings. Eden Gardens still have one more piece of equipment to add to the playground and that is the bench curl. We look forward to adding the bench curl later this month.

On June the 9th children as well as the seniors came together to celebrate having a place to communicate and have fun. The playground was full of the voices of young children. The seniors laughed, joke and reminisce about old times. There was plenty of food to eat and things to drink. The DJ played music from the 60’s on up to today’s music, and we danced. Many of the seniors participated in dances such as the hustle. The entertainment did not end there. The community was entertained by 3 drummers.  The drummers told stories of what part of Africa the music originated. He explained the meaning of each song and invited the audience to not be afraid to join in and dance to the drums.  Children played in the two bounce houses, rode a train and on the playground. Adults and teenagers played chess, checkers and horseshoes. We had voters registration, help to prevent water shut off and foreclosure prevention. It was indeed a day of celebration.

On June the 30th the community once again came together with the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue to have our annual building a bridge over dinner. This event takes place at least twice a year; once in Eden Gardens and once in the downtown synagogue. This year we exchanged names and numbers with people we didn’t know and vowed to call that person at least twice a month to say hello. With plenty of food, both communities came together to heal the wounds of the past between the Jews and Blacks. Together we are learning to accept each other cultures, and religions to build a better future for our children.

Looking forward, we are excited to offer a day to celebrate all graduate day on July the 14th. Every household that has a child that has graduated be it preschool, kindergarten, middle / high school or college will be honor by the community for reaching one of their many milestones in life.

On July the 27th Eden Gardens will have a day for the seniors. On this day the seniors will have an opportunity to come out their houses and meet their neighbors once again. Play cards, horseshoe, checkers and more. We plan to introduce yoga in the park. We are building a strong community rooted in diversity, understanding and fun for all.