September 2022 Detroiter: High-Tech Talent Holds the Key to Michigan’s Automotive Future

The September Detroiter focuses on how MICHauto and industry stakeholders are leading efforts to attract the high-tech talent needed to continue to advance the automotive industry and drive Michigan’s economic future. Read the special edition.

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President’s Letter: Politics Places America’s Global Mobility Leadership at Risk

Political polarization touches every aspect of American life today. Apparently, nothing is immune from becoming a political football. In many cases, arguments in the public square are made from an ideological – or even worse – a ‘tribal’ perspective. Rationality and fact need not apply.

The debate about transitioning to a more electrified vehicle fleet is no doubt caught up in this political polarization. Those on the political left tend to overlook the substantial hurdles for wide scale adoption and portray electric vehicles (EVs) as a panacea for our environment. Those on the political right downplay the impact of our changing climate on our environment and economy and argue that since EVs are not ideal today, they never will be. Others dismiss EVs simply because liberals seem to like them.

The political extremes miss the most important point: A successful transition of our mobility fleet to electric is absolutely critical to the future of the American economy – specifically the Michigan economy. Learn more.

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If We Lose…What Michigan’s Economy Might Look Like if We Fail to Win High-Tech Talent

High-tech mobility is already a $300+ billion – and growing – industry in Michigan. Today, it draws on over a quarter of our private-sector workforce. The shift away from traditional automotive manufacturing is part of an unstoppable and accelerating digital-industrial revolution that, for Michigan, is both rich in opportunity and fraught with peril. Automobiles have evolved into rolling computers, and many new vehicles sit idle awaiting chips, not pistons. To win, we must truly become a high-tech state. Read more.

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