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The Detroit Regional Chamber provides accurate and verified data with extensive economic, workforce, and education statistics to support data-driven business, philanthropic, policy, and career decisions.

The organization continues to develop strong resources to support regional and state program initiatives and help advance economic prosperity in the region.

Welcome to the Detroit Region

The Detroit region is a dynamic, united 11-county area that encompasses more than 300 municipalities with rich geographic, human, and business assets. Home to more than 387,000 businesses, including 10 Fortune 500 companies, 5.4 million people, and numerous educational institutions, the Detroit region has a diverse economy, low cost of living, and a well-educated population. Anchored by the city of Detroit, the region is an international gateway to the world that is supported by a robust international infrastructure, the region offers unrivaled opportunities and innovation.

Regional Overview

The 2020 Census indicated that the 11-county Detroit region’s population increased to 5,492,836—a 2% increase since the 2010 Census. Five of the 11 counties saw a decline in population. The counties with the largest population growth include Washtenaw, Livingston, and Oakland. The counties with the largest decline include Genesee, Shiawassee, and St. Clair. The City of Detroit remained Michigan’s most populous city but showed a continued decline in population of 10.5% over the decade.

Regional Snapshot

Gross Domestic Product (1 Year growth +8.7%)2021: $241.6B
Annual Employment2021: 2.2M
Unemployment Rate2022: 4.2%
Per Capita Income (1 year growth +5.7%)2021: $59,998
Educational Attainment (Associate degree or higher, Detroit MSA)2021: 43.3%
Poverty Rate (All ages)2021: 13.4%
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