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Registration Open SHO Conference Detroit 2021 (Side Hustles & Opportunities)

November 2, 2021
For Release 12:00 PM EST October 31, 2021

SHO (Side Hustles & Opportunities Conference) Registration Open for Inaugural Conference in Detroit

Detroit, MI — October 31, 2021 — We are pleased to announce registration is now open for our first SHO: Detroit Conference being held on Saturday November 6, 2021. If you own a business or have a side hustle you are trying to grow; this event is for you. Established business leaders, people who have built successful brands AND area
leaders are headed to SHO to share wisdom and advice for those of us who are looking to take our side hustles to the next level in 2022 and beyond.

Join us for amazing speakers:

• James Chapman, Founder of
• Robert Courtney, CEO Robert Courtney & Associates
• Lynn Haliburton, Social Media Manager 5-hour ENERGY®
• Dichondra Johnson, Founder and Executive Consultant, DRJ & Associates, LLC
• Amanda Lewan, Co-Founder Bamboo | Author | Ecosystem Builder
• Alex Linebrink, Founder of Passage, a ticketing platform based in Detroit but serving people worldwide
• Jarael Major, CPA, Major Refunds, PLLC
• Nick Mattar, Associate Director Marketing Wayne State University | Founder Digital Detroit LLC
• Bill McGlade, Author of Sales’d It! and recently named to Revivalists 40 under 40
• Marques Ogden, former NFL player and author of The Success Cycle
• Courtney Stanley, Global Speaker and Marketing Consultant
• Angela Scalpello, C-Suite executive coach and world-renowned speaker
• Matthieu Silberstein, VP, Creative Marketing, Lili Banking

You’ll find amazing learning at SHO, but perhaps more importantly, real networking opportunities, problem solving, and specific guidance to help you grow revenue and influence.

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Side Hustles & Opportunities Conference (SHO Con) is the first installment of and event series that caters to the hustler spirit: people who are striving for more out of life by working hard or sacrificing to have a better tomorrow. For some people, that means doing extra work or saving to experience life more today, and for others it’s about making life
altering changes to chase a more empowering life for the long term. Regardless of motivation, SHO Con will provide targeted conference sessions, unique networking, and sponsor activations to help people shorten the learning curve and make real plans that will help them achieve their goals more quickly. If you hustle, and if you want more out of life – we are building a gateway to connect you with the information and people to help you make it happen.

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