Civility Corner

Civility. The ability to rise above partisan ideology to humbly consider the differences in opinion of others as equal human beings. It is necessary for a free and democratic society to thrive. It is the synergist that sparks spirited debate and collaboration. Restoring civility is not only vital to successful political participation, but to the economic and social health of communities across the country.

The stories featured in the Civility Corner build on a key theme at the 2017 Mackinac Policy Conference to encourage business and civic leaders to shape public discourse to restore the art of compromise for progress in today’s polarized political environment. From the workplace to the communities in which we live, restoring civility in dialogue must be a top priority. Michigan is leading the way.

In addition to highlighting national voices, the Civility Corner celebrates the individuals and partnerships in Michigan who are setting aside their differences to move the state and region forward. Share your story and nominate a Civility Champion.




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