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The Detroit Regional Chamber is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and has compiled publications and data-based reports to help inform businesses and communities about issues and organizations related to racial justice and economic equity in the Detroit Region. These reports provide accessible data and analysis on topics related to housing, economics, education, and health.

If there are resources that you would like to recommend, please contact the Chamber’s Data and Research team.

Detroit Resident Voices Survey Report Page Cover

Gallup’s Detroit Resident Voices Survey

The Detroit Regional Chamber and the Gallup Center on Black Voices’ report highlights Detroiters’ daily experiences and perceptions. The survey is designed to elevate issues central to Detroiters’ quality of life. Read the report.

Driving Diversity Report Cover

MICHauto’s Driving Diversity: Unlocking the Power of Diverse Workforces for the Future of the Transportation Industry

The State of Michigan, MICHauto, and CADIA, along with research partner KPMG, conducted a study of the transportation industry to establish key baseline data, provide benchmarks for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and provide recommendations on how to impact the DEI measures found. View the study.

Detroit Equity Inc. 2022 Report Cover

Detroit Equity Inc. 2022 Report

Detroit Equity Inc.’s report explains how decades of discriminatory lending practices thwarted Detroit families’ economic potential and highlights additional statistics that call attention to persistent equity gaps for Black Detroiters. Read the report.

University of Michigan's Detroit Metro Area Communities Study

The University of Michigan’s Detroit Metro Area Communities Study

Since 2016, The University of Michigan regularly surveys a broad, representative group of Detroit residents about their communities, including their expectations, perceptions, priorities, and aspirations. View the study.

Kellogg's The Business Case for Equity Report Cover

W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s The Business Case for Racial Equity

W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s report highlights the business case for racial equity — stressing the importance of racial equity as both an imperative for social justice and a strategy for economic growth. Explore the report.

PolicyLink's CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity Report Cover

PolicyLink’s CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity

PolicyLink’s report addresses key recommendations for what companies and chief executive officers can do to advance racial equity and combat systemic racism in the workplace, communities, and society. Explore the blueprint.

Advancing Workforce Equity in Metro Detroit Report Cover

Detroit Area Workforce Funders’ Advancing Workforce Equity in Metro Detroit: A Blueprint for Action

In partnership with Detroit Area Workforce Funders Collaborative, Lightcast, and JPMorgan Chase & Co., this report illustrates how long-standing racial gaps in income and employment have impacted the Detroit Region’s workforce and economy. The report concludes with actionable solutions to advance workforce equity across the Region, informed by the data and shaped by local leaders. Read the report.

Detroit Food Policy Council's Detroit Food Metrics Report

Detroit Food Policy Council’s Detroit Food Metrics Report

Since 2017, Detroit Food Policy Council’s annual report provides a snapshot of data and information as well as trends in the food system within the City of Detroit. Learn more.

Detroit Workforce Mobility Equity Analysis Cover

Regional Transit Authority’s Detroit Workforce Mobility Equity Report

The Regional Transit Authority, in partnership with several stakeholders, conducted a study to identify origin-destination gaps to match job-seeking Detroiters with minimal-preparedness jobs. The report will provide a platform to build more equity-focused recommendations into the regional transit discussion. View the report.

Black Leaders Detroit Report Cover

Black Leaders Detroit: Equity Without Excuses

Black Leaders Detroit’s annual report showcases their role in supporting Black entrepreneurs, providing them with financial support and resources in the city of Detroit. Download the report.

Closing the Racial Inequality Gaps Report Cover

CITI’s Closing the Racial Inequity Gaps

The CITI GPS report analyses four key racial gaps (wages, education, housing, and investment), outlining how governments, corporations, and individuals can work together to eliminate these gaps for good while adding trillions to the U.S. economy. Learn more.

Just Institute New Detroit Logo

New Detroit’s Covid-19 in Detroit: Impact on Education

New Detroit’s report highlights the impacts of COVID-19 on education in Detroit, delving into lack of equity in school funding, remote learning, and student mental health. Learn more.

Alice in the Crosscurrents Report Cover

ALICE in the Crosscurrents: COVID and Financial Hardship in Michigan

United for ALICE’s report provides an analysis of financial hardship in Michigan using ALICE metrics since the COVID-19 pandemic began. View Michigan’s report.

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