Interactive Data Resources

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Data is critical to understanding where and how racial inequities exist within the Detroit Region. Explore a growing collection of interactive data tools, maps, and applications focused on topics related to employment, population, and education through an equity lens. The resources listed below help visualize and analyze racial inequities and trends regionally and nationally, enabling businesses and policymakers to propose effective, data-based solutions. 

If there are resources that you would like to recommend, please contact the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Data and Research team.

Detroit Regional Data Center Feature

Detroit Regional Chamber Detroit Data Center

The Detroit Data Center includes demographic data by key indicators to track, measure, and make the case for racial equity and inclusion. The Chamber is committed to generating new data and research on racial equity and providing insights to be used in the public, private, and philanthropic sectors. Explore the data.

DFC Economic Equity Indicators Dashboard Cover

Economic Equity Dashboard

Detroit Future City’s dashboard tracks progress towards achieving economic equity, identifying 22 indicators across six focus areas. View the dashboard.

Opportunity Atlas Cover

The Opportunity Atlas

The Atlas uses anonymous data to show where and for whom opportunity and upward mobility have been missing throughout the U.S. The map indicates which neighborhoods offer Americans the best chance to rise out of poverty. Explore the map.

National Equity Atlas Logo

National Equity Atlas

The National Equity Atlas tracks, measures, and advocates for racial equity and inclusive prosperity in U.S. regions and states. PolicyLink and the USC Equity Research Institute developed and maintains the database. Learn more.

Neighborhood Vitality Index Logo

The Neighborhood Vitality Index

The Community Development Advocates of Detroit, in partnership with JFM Consulting Group and Data Driven Detroit, manage this interactive tool which helps track progress and advocate for resources to make changes in Detroit’s neighborhoods. The index measures metrics like health, well-being, feeling of safety, and more. Learn more.

Metro Monitor Report Cover

Brooking’s Metro Monitor 2023

Brooking’s 2023 Metro Monitor is a comprehensive look at how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted inclusive growth across 192 U.S. metro areas with populations of at least 250,000. The Metro Monitor examines economic performance across five broad categories: growth, prosperity, overall inclusion, racial inclusion, and geographic inclusion. View the data.

City of Detroit Logo

City of Detroit Digital Equity Data Map

The city of Detroit’s Department of Innovation and Technology and Office of Digital Equity & Inclusion are committed to achieving equitable access to digital resources for all residents.  Explore the dashboard which measures the digital divide among Detroit districts and neighborhoods. Explore the map.

SEMCOG Logo for RJEE Page

Southeast Michigan Equity Emphasis Areas Tool

This interactive application provides a detailed summary of key demographic variables of different geographies across the seven-county region. The tool provides one location to learn about current socioeconomic indicators and have a data-driven understanding of community needs to assist in effective planning. View the summary.

United for Alice RJEE Page

ALICE Research Central

The interactive Demographics Tool measures levels of financial hardship in households across the state. ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) households include people of all genders, ages, and races/ethnicities, across all family types. Learn more.

US Cencus Bureau RJEE Page

The U.S. Census Bureau: Data Equity Tools

This interactive data depicts an accurate portrait of America, including its underserved communities. Supplying various data tools that help the public and policymakers understand the issues surrounding inequities and enable them to propose effective, data-based solutions. Explore the tools.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan Feature RJEE

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Health Equity

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides insights, resources, and support to advance health equity for all. Explore webinars, mini e-magazines, and infographics related to health equity. Learn more.

State of the Child Logo for RJEE Reports

State of the Detroit Child

Data Driven Detroit and The Skillman Foundation have partnered to bring open, user-friendly access to reliable, timely data and resources about the welfare and education of children in Detroit and across Michigan. Learn more.

Chamber-racial justice and equity efforts

Learn how the Chamber is committed to racial justice and economic equity.