Destination Detroit

Ubimobility Tech Showcase

Ubimobility, a French startup accelerator program, brought an autonomous and connected car delegation to Detroit June 6. See what the companies had to offer.

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Detroit Investment Map

Looking for information on recent investments in downtown Detroit? Access the new Detroit Investment Map for full details of project’s including: investment, type of investment (new construction, renovation, expansion, etc.), status of project or completion date and location, and other contact information.

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Destination: Opportunity

Are you looking for the new thing? The next thing? The thing after that? Are you looking for talent? Ideas? A competitive advantage?

Are you looking in the right direction?

Destination Detroit is North America’s premier regional business attraction team. We bring together all the resources of one of America’s fastest growing locations. That means domestic and global businesses can count on us when looking for success in the 11 counties and 7,000 square miles that make up the Detroit region. If you have questions, we’ll bring you the answers. And opportunities. When you’re looking to grow, there’s one place to turn: Destination Detroit.

Learn more about the Detroit region by downloading the Chamber’s State of the Region report below.

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Welcome to Driven, the story of the Detroit region’s leadership in advancing the future of next-generation mobility. Explore the latest talent, innovation and emerging assets shaping the Detroit region’s mobility future across the globe.

Economic Development Partners

Led by the Detroit Regional Chamber, Destination Detroit is operated in partnership with the region’s principal economic development agencies:

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