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John George

CEO and Co-founder, Motor City Blight Busters Inc.

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John George is CEO of Motor City Blight Busters (MCBB), a community nonprofit which he co-founded in 1988 with two neighbors. The internationally recognized grassroots organization is committed to being a positive catalyst in Detroit by stabilizing, revitalizing and beautifying the city. Working with thousands of volunteers each year, MCBB tears down abandoned houses, renovates existing homes, cleans up parks and public spaces, and assists first-time home and business owners.

In addition to MCBB, George co-founded Farm City Detroit, a collaborative project between the Fertile Ground Collective and MCBB to reclaim two city blocks and turn them in to urban farmland. He has worked with the past six Detroit mayors to bring neighborhood issues to the forefront. For his ongoing neighborhood stabilization and revitalization efforts, George was awarded a “Point of Light” award from former President Bill Clinton, and was named “Michiganian of the Year” in 1995 by The Detroit News. He is featured in numerous publications around the world, including Time magazine and CNN.