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Chamber Opposes HB4348 That Will Lead to High Drug Prices for Michiganders

December 8, 2021

Lawmakers in Lansing are considering HB 4348, which will increase prescription drug hundreds of millions of dollars for Michigan patients, unions and employers. Prescription drugs are already too expensive – and this bill will only push drug costs higher, without any added benefit to patients. The Chamber opposes this bill.

HB 4348 is part of a costly agenda by special interest groups to raise drug costs and boost their profits – and it will have far-reaching negative consequences:

  • HB 4348 will add an estimated $10.80 fee at the pharmacy counter to most prescriptions – that’s money that comes directly out of Michigan families’ pockets.
  • HB 4348 will increase health care costs for Michigan consumers by over $535 million in its first year alone, and drive spending higher by $6.6 billion over ten years.
  • HB 4348 will let the government dictate which health care benefits employers and unions are able to offer, instead of letting them create plans that work best for them and their workers.
  • HB 4348 will increase the cost of providing quality health care benefits for employers and unions – and deplete unions’ health trusts at an unsustainable rate.
  • HB 4348 will put Michigan patients at risk by allowing unsafe health care practices to go unchecked.
  • HB 4348 forces hardworking Michiganders and their employers and unions to fund a giveaway to special-interests, paid for with higher drug costs.