COVID-19 Town Hall Series

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As key decisions are being made about business operations in preparation for any effects of the COVID-19, it’s important to hear from state leaders at the front lines and subject matter experts who can help navigate the risks. The Chamber will be hosting a COVID-19 Town Hall Series, with regular guest speakers, to help businesses navigate the impact of the virus.

Following each presentation, there will be a Q&A portion to share your most pressing needs and get answers in real-time. Participants can submit questions during the discussion.

Listen to Previous Town Halls Here

Thursday, March 25
1 p.m.

Dr. Suzanne White
, regional medical director of vaccine implementation science and scientific engagement for Merck will discuss how the protection of public health and the recovery of our economy hinges largely upon the development and widespread distribution of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines. But having quality vaccines is only part of the solution; building vaccine confidence among the population is critical to their acceptance.

Dr. White will engage in a discussion with Brad Williams, vice president of government relations for the Detroit Regional Chamber. Participants can submit questions during the discussion.

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