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Detroit Regional Chamber PAC Releases Bipartisan Endorsements for 3rd, 11th Congressional Districts, Michigan Legislature for the 2022 Primary Election

July 6, 2022

DETROIT (June 30, 2022) – Today, the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Political Action Committee (PAC) announced its bipartisan endorsements for Michigan’s 3rd and 11th Congressional Districts, as well as for the state’s House and Senate ahead of the Aug. 2, 2022, primary election.

The endorsements announced today are:

U.S. House of Representatives
3rd Congressional District – Rep. Peter Meijer (R)

“Congressman Peter Meijer is the kind of leader Michigan needs in Congress. In his short time in office, he’s established himself as a national leader through efforts like his bipartisan work to uncover errors made in the Afghanistan withdrawal, his membership in the Problem Solvers Caucus, and his ability to craft positions with conservative principles that have broad bipartisan appeal,” said Brad Williams, vice president of Government Relations at the Chamber. “Rep. Meijer represents a new and effective breed of Congressional representatives that will benefit his district, the state, and the nation.”

11th Congressional District – Rep. Haley Stevens (D)

“With two qualified candidates and friends of the Chamber in the race for the 11th district, this decision came down to who is more pro-growth and job creation-friendly – with a voting record to match. That is why Congresswoman Haley Stevens is our pick for the 2022 primary election,” said Williams. “Her commitment to Michigan’s manufacturing industry and insight into business issues on a national and local level earned her an endorsement from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2020 and make her the best candidate in the Democratic primary for the 11th District.”

Michigan Legislature

For Michigan House and Senate races, the Chamber PAC endorsed 38 pro-growth candidates, split evenly between Republicans and Democrats. These selections reflect the Chamber’s bipartisan leadership and commitment to supporting candidates that represent its business membership and its diverse needs.

Michigan House of

Michigan Senate
5th District – Reggie Davis (D)

7th District – Helena Scott (D)

8th District – Mike McFall (D)

11th District – Ricardo White (D)

16th District – Stephanie Young (D)

18th District – Caprice Jackson (D)

20th District – Noah Arbit (D)

29th District – Alex Garza (D)

38th District – Kevin Whiteford (R)

39th District – Pauline Wendzel (R)

47th District – James Johnson Jr. (D)

66th District – Joshua Schriver (R)

67th District – Philip Green (R)

72nd District – Michael Mueller (R)

74th District – Kara Hope (D)

76th District – Angela Witwer (D)

77th District – Jon Horford (D)

88th District – Gregory VanWoerkom (R)

90th District – Bryan Posthumus (R)

93rd District – Graham Filler (R)

102nd District – Curtis VanderWall (R)

103rd District – Jack O’Malley (R)

104th District – John Roth (R)

105th District – Kenneth Borton (R)

2nd District – Sylvia Santana (D)

3rd District – Stephanie Chang (D)

4th District – Darrin Camilleri (D)

5th District – Dayna Polehanki (D)

7th District – Jeremy Moss (D)

11th District – Michael MacDonald (R)

14th District – Sue Shink (D)

16th District – Joe Bellino (R)

17th District – Kim LaSata (R)

27th District – John Cherry (D)

30th District – Mark Huizenga (R)

31st District – Roger Victory (R)

32nd District – Jon Bumstead (R)

34th District – Roger Hauck (R)

These endorsements from the Chamber’s PAC are the latest in a series of endorsements for the Michigan primary election on Aug. 2, 2022.

The Chamber PAC Board of Directors regularly meets to identify and support candidates and policies that support the Chamber’s public policy priorities. After careful consideration, the Chamber PAC Board makes its endorsements based on responses to a Chamber PAC survey, input from Chamber PAC members, and individual interactions. The Chamber PAC Board comprises business leaders representing bipartisan views and reflecting industry, business size, and location diversity. The Chamber PAC historically makes bipartisan endorsements based on alignment with the Chamber’s legislative policy priorities.