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Detroit's Revitalization: Entering a New Era

July 2, 2021

Over the past 15 months Detroit’s revitalization has continued, but like everything, it’s been reshaped amid the pandemic. As the city prepares to receive $826 million that must be spent by 2024 – the 5th most funding of any city in the nation through the American Rescue Plan – the city sits at another key juncture in its continued resurgence over the next three years.

While the city’s made great progress in the past decade and over the past year, there’s widespread acknowledgement that much work remains. It is going to require innovative thinking, collaboration, and intentionality as momentum and development continues. For business, that means an evolving role throughout the city as efforts to create a more prosperous and equitable city accelerate.

As the public and private sector gear-up for what offers to be an action-packed few years, it’s worth looking at key projects already underway and highlight some of the people and companies that stand poised to help lead the city through another critical and potentially historic era.