Detroit Promise

Signing Release Forms (AtR)

All students MUST sign a release form to be considered a Detroit Promise student at their college. Students should not sign more than once.

It is not yet time to sign! More information will be emailed to students on April 1!


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about The Detroit Promise, view the following handbooks for Two-Year Students and Four-Year Students to answer your questions about costs covered, eligibility, financial aid, and more.

The Detroit Promise* will make arrangements to ensure the full cost of tuition and mandatory fees are covered after Pell Grant/TIP funding is applied to an eligible student’s bill at a participating institution.

Please Note: Students are responsible for any other expenses they incur while attending classes including, but not limited to, room, board, books, equipment, etc.

*The Detroit Regional Chamber Foundation administers the Detroit Promise on behalf of the Michigan Education Excellence Foundation and is not liable for funding to the universities, colleges, or students.

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