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Flint-Native One of 20 Black Entrepreneurs Selected for Hennessy’s $1m ‘Never Stop, Never Settle’ Program

August 31, 2021
In 2014, Flint, Michigan, became the U.S. epicenter of the global water crisis with more than 100,000 residents being exposed to highly elevated lead content. In 2019, Jonathan Quarles, a Flint resident, learned about Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology during a trip to Israel. One year later, he launched Quartz Water Source using AWG to help his hometown.

AWG uses technology to produce potable water from the air. Individual generators for the home can produce one to 20 liters of water daily; commercial-scale units like the ones Quarles uses for his business can produce upwards of 10,000 liters daily. Quarles saw the potential in this technology to serve as a recurring, scalable source of clean drinking water for the people of Flint and other American cities suffering from polluted water.

When Quarles launched Quartz Water Source, he did so with the commitment to providing a clean water source to communities in need, giving back through a donor-advised fund, and raising awareness about the global water crisis. He is also working to raise awareness about the importance of restoration, wellness, and overall health in 2021 and beyond by selling apparel and donating a portion of the proceeds to Flint’s “Water to the People” fund.

Hennessy liked how Quarles was invested in uplifting the Black community and selected him along with 19 other Black entrepreneurs to participate in its “Never Stop, Never Settle Society” (NsNs). Hennessy created the $1 million program in March 2021 to support a more equitable landscape for inclusive business growth and development.

“Hennessy recognizes the tenacity and resilience each selected member embodies as they push the limits of potential to carve their path, address social and economic challenges and make a lasting impact on their community. Hennessy has always supported the Black community. We are honored to continue this legacy through the ‘Never Stop, Never Settle Society’ by celebrating extraordinary individuals and championing the vision of their businesses,” Jasmin Allen, senior vice president of Hennessy U.S., said.

Quarles and each of the 19 additional Black business owners selected for the program will be provided $50,000; access to professional development sessions with Moët Hennessy executives; access to the physical NsNs HQ and amenities in New York City, starting late 2021; membership to The Gathering Spot Connect, a Black-owned digital community offering culturally relevant content; networking opportunities; and business development resources.

The 2021 members of Hennessy’s “Never Stop, Never Settle Society” include: