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How the Chamber Celebrates Career Exploration and Awareness

April 17, 2024

April is Career Exploration and Awareness Month in Michigan, but the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Education and Talent team celebrates and supports career exploration year-round.

In 2021, the Chamber launched an initiative focused on identifying and promoting the Detroit Region’s high-value credentials – those that lead to jobs that pay a good wage and are in demand from regional employers. Understanding the Region’s “good jobs” is the first step to helping local students explore career pathways and education opportunities that will set them up for economic success.

Now, the Chamber is focused on promoting these jobs to learners. The Chamber has identified six priority occupations – nursing, occupational/physical therapy, accounting/finance, business management and operations, information security, and software development – that create strong economic outcomes for residents and provide opportunities for students to move along an education pathway at their own pace.

With support from partners like Deloitte, the Chamber is partnering with regional employers to bring these jobs and pathways to life for students. Every quarter, the Chamber brings together employers to network and share advice and information with Detroit Promise alumni. Discover Auto and You Drive the Future, led by MICHauto, promote the mobility industry to high school students through field trips and influencer campaigns. The Health Care Talent Collaborative brings together regional leaders across sectors who are focused on improving health care talent pathways through career exposure and experiential learning opportunities for K-12 students. The Chamber also recently kicked off the Find Your Fit series through Let’s Detroit to spotlight careers across different industries.

The Detroit Region is rich with opportunities, and the Chamber is committed to partnering with businesses to share these opportunities with students and help them explore the career pathways available to them.

To get involved, contact Christi Taylor, Senior Director of Talent Initiatives, at