Michigan: The Auto Capital of the World

In the globalized world, no matter the language, Michigan translates to one word – automobiles. With a highly skilled workforce, cutting-edge research and development facilities and top-notch institutions of higher education and the most dense automotive supply chain in the world, Michigan is the global automotive headquarters.

  • 26 Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have a headquarters or technology centers in Michigan.
  • The mobility industry contributes $304 billion to Michigan’s economy annually
  • 11 assembly plants and 16 vehicle models were assembled in Michigan in 2021.
  • 96 of the top 100 automotive suppliers to North America have a presence in Michigan, and 60 are headquartered here.
  • 9 facilities producing and developing electric vehicle batteries in Michigan
  • 1.1 million automotive or mobility jobs representing 20% of Michigan’s employment
  • Michigan companies employ more than 104,800 engineers.
  • Michigan is #1 exporter of transportation equipment in the U.S.

Highly Skilled, Competitive Workforce

Michigan’s highly skilled workforce is the reason it is still the hub of the automotive industry – as it has been since the dawn of the 20th century.

Michigan Ranks…

#1 in the number and concentration of: 

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Model Makers

#2 in the number of: 

  • Industrial Engineers
  • Commercial and Industrial Designers
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologist

#3 in the number of engineers in the nation 

  • 104,870 engineers employed in Michigan


2020 Michigan Is Automobility Report

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