Michigan is Auto

Industry At A Glance

Michigan’s automotive and mobility industry came out of the last decade following the recession with more than 60,000 new automotive manufacturing jobs, a nearly 50% growth. Looking ahead to the next decade for the world’s most dense automotive industry cluster. Michigan is poised to drive next-generation mobility, the new frontier of the automotive industry. Learn more.

Talent Advantage

Michigan remains the preeminent place for auto-related research and development, where key industry players from around the world have facilities to remain at the forefront of innovation. Learn more.

Business Climate

Michigan is a world leader in connected and automated vehicle legislation and infrastructure investment. Matched with the testing and deployment of connected, automated, and electric vehicles, the state has become a global mobility hub. Learn more.

Education Pipeline

The automotive and mobility industry depends on top engineering graduates to power Michigan’s workforce. This highly skilled talent pipeline is moving the industry forward into the next decade and growing the state’s economy.Learn more.

Legislative Commitment and Global Impact

Fully autonomous vehicles will be commonplace on roadways across the country within the next few decades. Legislation regulating connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technology is already enacted in 26 states and counting. Michigan’s position sharing an international border with Canada allows the state to have one of the largest export markets and remain a globally connected region. Learn more.

Michigan: The Auto Capital of the World

In the globalized world, no matter the language, Michigan translates to one word – automobiles. With a highly skilled workforce, cutting-edge research and development facilities and top-notch institutions of higher education and the most dense automotive supply chain in the world, Michigan is the global automotive headquarters.

In 2019,

  • 21 Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have a headquarters or technology centers in Michigan.
  • 11 assembly plants and 21 vehicle models were assembled in Michigan in 2019.
  • 96 of the top 100 automotive suppliers to North America have a presence in Michigan, and 60 are headquartered here.
  • Nearly 122,760 Michiganders worked for motor vehicle, motor vehicle body and motor vehicle parts manufacturing companies.
  • Michigan companies employ more than 118,200 engineers.
  • Michigan employees more than 111,000 highly skilled assemblers and fabricators working in mobility-related occupations.
  • Michigan is #1 exporter of transportation equipment in the U.S.

Highly Skilled, Competitive Workforce

Engineering Employment Numbers in Michigan by Occupation

Michigan’s highly skilled workforce is the reason it is still the hub of the automotive industry – as it has been since the dawn of the 20th century.

  • Mechanical Engineers: Highest employment number in the country.
  • Industrial Engineers: Highest employment number in the country.
  • Commercial and Industrial Designers: Highest employment number in country.
  • Electrical Engineers:  Top 4 state in employment.
  • Materials Engineers: Top 5 state in employment.

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