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Innovative Investment and Policy Will Help Detroiters Realize Vision for Their Neighborhoods

February 22, 2024

By Stephanie Washington

As the City of Detroit makes great strides to improve the quality of life through innovative policy and investment, we are committed to building upon our services to communities so that we may assist in carrying out the visions Detroiters have for their neighborhoods and parks.

More than half – 55% –  of city residents said they would recommend their city to a friend or associate as a good place to live, according to the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Detroit Resident Voices Survey. That reflects much of the progress underway in the City, and the work yet to do.

Strategic investment in affordable housing, workforce opportunities, and community-driven crime reduction initiatives are catalytic forces cultivating successful avenues of growth for Detroiters. Those programs are what residents chose as top priorities via our City’s budget process.

As the need for affordable housing grows, nearly $203 million in affordable housing was allocated in 2023 alone as residents applied for various unit openings. Our local development partners are stewards of advocacy and opportunity that we appreciate greatly. It truly takes us all to make our city great.

While unemployment reaches record lows in Detroit, Motor City Match, Detroit at Work, and the City are providing access to careers along with funding to support jobseekers and entrepreneurs. The City’s Employment Solutions Corporation aids in connecting residents to transportation, childcare, paid education completion programs, and additional programming to ensure residents are equipped upon hiring.

Crime continues to reach historic lows since the 1960s as the Detroit Police Department provides mental health co-response teams for crisis intervention. As community partners assist in providing crucial information to law enforcement through ShotStoppers, communities can see the potential to reduce crime by their own merit.

The City recognizes that our work is never done and there will always be a need to make improvements to our services; but for now, we hope that our citizens are enjoying the fruits of their labor, willingness to be Detroiters, and commitment to making our City proud.

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Stephanie Washington

Stephanie Washington is Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Detroit. The Detroit Resident Voices Survey Report highlights Detroiters’ daily experiences and perceptions and elevates issues that are central to their quality of life.

Released by the Detroit Regional Chamber and Gallup Center on Black Voices, the survey report provides insights that can be used in the public, private, and philanthropic sectors to develop new programs and initiatives to identify and close racial equity gaps. It is part of the Chamber’s Racial Justice and Economic Equity Initiative.