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Kubica Corporation featured on TV show “World’s Greatest!…”

May 6, 2016
Novi, Mich., May 6, 2016 – Leading technology solutions provider, Kubica Corporation was recently featured on “World’s Greatest!…” for providing leading edge, system integration solutions in the manufacturing industry.

Kubica Corp’s wide variety of engineering and manufacturing services, along with their core technology line of software, PhizX, developed in 2005, allows them to create unique and innovative products for their clients. Their products and services are not the only elements that differentiates Kubica Corp, it’s their team of engineers. From day one, they are groomed to think and act like an entrepreneur. The engineers are placed directly in front of the client, eliminating the sales factor and providing great customer satisfaction and value for their customers. “We take our engineers who are highly skilled in electrical, controls, mechanical, industrial and software disciplines, put them in a highly collaborative environment and challenge them to solve difficult problems posed by clients,” said Dennis Kubica, Founder and CEO of Kubica Corp. As a result, Kubica has taken the core technology and added a customized layer to help solve factory quality and performance challenges.

One of the areas PhizX specializes in is bringing solutions for quality systems on the factory floor such as system scheduling. “Manufacturers in the automotive, agriculture and batch processing industries have seen improved manufacturing and operational efficiencies since deploying the system,” said Dennis. The PhizX software line has been developed out of custom solutions created to solve clients’ problems and bring value to any process that has bearing on quality and performance in a factory. Their core technology has proven ability to help in predicting equipment failures, managing and mapping system processes, measuring overall factory effectiveness (OFE) among many other solutions.

Also known for their Robotics Integration service, Kubica will take a specific manufacturer’s robot (including, but not limited to, ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, and MotoMan) and integrate it into a comprehensive system custom-developed to your specific engineering needs. They have provided Robotics Integration for a variety of systems, including: paint application, welding, material handling and machine interface. “Providing world-class solutions to each one of our customers is what we do,” said Dennis.

Moreover, the team at Kubica is working on solutions in the golf industry and recently just launched Kubica Golf, and indoor coaching and training golf facility focused on “Building Community Through the Pursuit of Excellence in Golf.”

“At Kubica Golf we are working with the latest and greatest golf measuring technologies in swing and ball flight,” says Dennis. By taking their artificial intelligence technology and merging that in with other technologies the team is able to come up with predictive solutions for a golfers swing and the result in ball flight. This is just another way Kubica is providing leading edge technology and innovation to their clients.

About Kubica Corp
Founded in 1995, Kubica Corp is a full service Controls System Integrator that manages projects from start to finish. We craft solutions that are particular to specific customer needs, operating in the Automotive, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture and Chemical Industries. We specialize in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Software Engineering and Control Engineering, and offer numerous services. Our drive to be the “Best Engineering Team in the World” differentiates us in the market place. Visit our website at for additional information.

About Kubica Golf
Kubica Golf is a state-of-the-art, year-round, indoor training and coaching facility focused on building community through the pursuit of excellence in golf. Whether you are a new golfer or looking to brush up on your game, spend time with family and friends, train in the off season or get golf ready for the upcoming season, we have something just for you. Our programs offer you the unique ability to practice and play with a community of like-minded golfers or train one-one-one with a Certified PGA Coach. The facility features leading edge technology including: Trackman 4 Radar Technology, E6 Course Simulator, Swing Catalyst Studio, High speed video analysis, and a full chipping and putting area. Visit our website at for additional information.