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Lane Coleman Elected as Next Board Chair of the Detroit Institute of Arts

August 10, 2023

Congratulations to Chamber Board of Directors’ Executive Committee member Lane Coleman for being named the next Board Chair of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA).

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Michigan Chronicle
Aug. 9, 2023

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) has announced a significant leadership transition, with Lane Coleman, a prominent Detroit business figure, set to assume the role of Board Chair starting January 1, 2024. This move follows a unanimous vote by the DIA’s Board of Directors, showcasing their confidence in Coleman’s ability to guide the institution toward continued success.

Lane Coleman

Lane Coleman

Lane Coleman’s impressive background includes being the founder, president, and CEO of Strike Group LLC, a company specializing in sustainment logistics and material supply sourcing. Beyond his business endeavors, Coleman is recognized for his unwavering support of the arts. Currently a board member of the Detroit Institute of Arts, he is an active participant in the institute’s Executive Committee, Finance, and Audit Committee and contributes significantly to the institution’s strategic direction.

A notable aspect of Coleman’s involvement in the arts is his and his wife Leigh’s passion for collecting African-American art, underscoring their dedication to promoting diversity and cultural richness. This commitment aligns seamlessly with the DIA’s mission to foster artistic appreciation and inclusion.

Gene Gargaro, the outgoing DIA board chair, announced his retirement in May 2023, creating the need for a successor. The search for the ideal candidate was conducted with diligence by the board’s Governance and Nominating Committee, led by Committee Chair Bonnie Larson. This rigorous process involved evaluating multiple candidates and incorporating valuable insights from both board members and DIA leadership.

The criteria for the new board chair were strategically defined through comprehensive efforts, including a survey of DIA board members over the past year. The survey results highlighted qualities such as proven leadership skills, experience within the DIA, and the ability to collaborate and fundraise effectively. Nearly 80 percent of current board members and half of emeritus members contributed to this survey, emphasizing the importance of a candidate’s qualifications.

Bonnie Larson stated, “The Committee took all board member input into consideration, and it was clear from that feedback that the ideal candidate should hold a strong record of service to the DIA and the community. Given the DIA’s long history in Detroit and the museum’s needs in the future, Lane’s background and qualifications make him the best fit for this position.”

Lane Coleman’s remarkable service to both the DIA and the community, combined with his connections within Detroit’s business and philanthropic circles, made him an exceptional candidate for the position. His demonstrated business acumen, passion for the arts, and commitment to educational advancement further solidified his suitability for this critical role.

Currently residing in Detroit with his family, Coleman’s contributions extend to various local and regional boards, including the City of Detroit Water Commission, Henry Ford Hospital Health Network, and the Detroit Regional Chamber. His deep-rooted ties within the community provide a strong foundation for his upcoming leadership role at the DIA.

He expressed his gratitude, Coleman said, “I am honored that the board of directors has entrusted me with the duty of leading the board for the next three years. The DIA is a pillar of the Metro Detroit community and a gem appreciated by art-lovers around the world. As board chair, I look forward to advancing the museum’s mission and ensuring its longevity for generations to come.”

Salvador Salort-Pons, Director of the DIA, praised Coleman’s passion for the arts and his understanding of its transformative potential. “The DIA is looking forward to working with him to engage our partners in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties, so we can continue to provide excellent service and bring the museum to greater accomplishments at the local, national, and international levels.”

In this period of transition, Lane Coleman will collaborate with outgoing board chair Gene Gargaro, ensuring a smooth handover process over the next five months. Gargaro, who has admirably led the DIA’s board of directors for over two decades, remarked, “It has been an honor to guide our great museum on its mission and strategy for the past 20 years. The DIA’s future is bright, and Lane will bring the necessary leadership, business expertise, and a deep appreciation of the arts to the DIA.”

As Lane Coleman prepares to embark on this pivotal role, the Detroit Institute of Arts anticipates an exciting era of growth and innovation under his capable leadership.