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MERC SURVEY: 78% of Michiganders Agree on Following Health and Safety Guidelines

July 28, 2020
In June, the Michigan Economic Recovery Council conducted a poll to learn more about how Michiganders view COVID-19. The results reveal many interesting findings on compliance with health and safety guidelines, perceptions of the virus, and commitments to doing ‘the right thing.’

The survey of 1,000 statewide adults in Michigan was conducted between June 11-17 via live interviews on both mobile and web surveys by Target Point.

COVID-19 and Compliance

  • 40% of respondents know someone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.
  • 50% of respondents are concerned that will get the coronavirus in the weeks or months ahead.
  • 78% agree on following health and safety guidelines like hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing in order to protect the elderly and vulnerable populations, even though they are not sure it will make much difference for them personally.

The survey found that solid majorities clearly support continue adherence to best practices, but much of that support is in the form of “I am not sure this makes a difference, but it can’t hurt.”  Nearly half of respondents are committed to doing the right thing, with about 40% either conflicted or confused on the need and efficacy of best practice recommendations. One-third are in complete or near complete compliance, nearly 50% are in general compliance, and 15% are generally out of compliance.

People’s views on continued adherence are driven first more by their perceived fear of contracting the virus than by their partisanship and only then by their level of direct contact with the disease.

Economic and Health Concerns

  • 62% are concerned that our economy will remain in a recession or enter a depression and we will suffer significant harm.
  • Nearly 30% are concerned they will lose their job or struggle to get back to work.
  • 71% are concerned a second wave of coronavirus is coming in the fall.

Michigan’s Reopening Strategy

Respondents are split on how Michigan’s reopening of the economy has gone, with 44% stating it has been about right. 32% feel it has been too slow, and 25% feel it has been too fast.

Trusted Advisors

Local doctors and nurses are the most trusted in offering the best advice going forward, with 79% of respondents trusting them, followed by Michigan scientists working on vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus (68%), county health departments (66%), and heads of Michigan’s largest hospitals and health systems (64%).