Michigan 2030 Plan

Introducing the Michigan 2030 Plan

The Michigan 2030 Plan creates a long-term vision that allows the state to help advance the Midwest region to the next phase of global economic leadership. The plan encompasses five focus areas, with prescriptions for statewide and regional policy goals, incorporating the role of the private sector.

In 2030, Michigan will have:

Globally Recognized Talent

The workforce is highly-skilled and prepared from first-rate – public and private – education and training sectors. Talent is attracted through healthy and safe communities that are welcoming to diverse populations and inclusive of immigrants.


Next-Generation Mobility

Michigan continues to lead the world in research, development, manufacturing, and operation of vehicles with new powertrains and autonomous driving systems.


Forward-Looking Infrastructure

Infrastructure will meet the needs of residents and businesses
for the 21st century and beyond.

Trustworthy Government and Democracy

The government is fiscally responsible and properly structured, and all Michiganders are fairly represented and have faith in their government.


Growth-Oriented Business Climate

Opportunities are created for innovation and private sector leadership by building on successful reforms and an improved environment where free enterprise can flourish.



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