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Najah Bazzy

Executive Director and Founder, Zaman International

Najah Bazzy, is the executive director and CEO of Zaman International, a metro Detroit-based nonprofit providing crisis assistance and vocational training to marginalized women with children.

In addition to Zaman International, Bazzy is the CEO of Di­versity Specialists and Transcultural Health Care Solutions, a training group that promotes cross-cultural understanding between clinicians and patients. As head of that organization, she has conducted workshops for health care administrators, practitioners, educators and policymakers on cultural and spiritual considerations for service delivery, ethical decision-making, staff training, and end-of-life care.

Bazzy was recently profiled on CBS 62’s “Eye on the Future: The Power of Women” along with Suzanne Shank, Mary Barra, Gretchen Valade and Andra Rush. She earned her nursing degree from Madonna University with a specialization in critical care and transcultural nursing, which promotes cultural and spiritual competency within health care.