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6 Ways to Support Black Businesses for National Black Business Month

August 1, 2023

Aug. 1 marks the beginning of National Black Business Month in the U.S. As one of the leading business conveners in the Detroit Region, the Detroit Regional Chamber celebrates Black entrepreneurs and their extraordinary stories and promotes economic empowerment within the Black community. The Chamber challenges the community to support the Region’s Black-owned businesses this month and beyond, starting with the various opportunities below. 

Shop and Support 

Make an intentional effort to patronize Black-owned businesses in the Detroit Region and nationwide to show appreciation for these entrepreneurs’ hard work and dedication, as well as support their growth and success. Need help finding businesses to support? Here are eight ways to find Black-owned businesses. 

Promote and Advocate 

Spread the word about the importance of shopping with Black-owned businesses by sharing their stories in person or on social media and encouraging others to do the same so these businesses can get more visibility.  


If you can, consider investing in Black-owned businesses in Detroit and beyond. Investments provide much-needed capital to drive business growth and success. You can invest through direct donations to businesses or contribute to organizations focused on impact investments, grants, and loans, such as Invest Detroit, Black Leaders Detroit, and Detroit Development Fund. 


National Black Business Month can be an opportunity to learn more about the challenges facing Black entrepreneurs in the U.S. and how to become an ally. Take the time to read informational materials, such as those provided by the Chamber, attend educational events by local organizations such as the NAACP. Then, share what you learn with others and use your knowledge to advocate for policies that will help Black-owned businesses thrive.  


Make a conscious effort to network with Black entrepreneurs and build relationships within the community. Whether attending events, volunteering with organizations that mentor entrepreneurs of color, or simply having conversations and exchanging business cards, connecting with people in your area is a meaningful way to break down barriers and support economic development in the Detroit Region. 


Make connections between Black-owned businesses and larger companies in the Detroit Region to help them increase their reach and gain new opportunities. Organizations like Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Pure Michigan Business Connect help facilitate this on a larger scale, but if you know of opportunities and businesses that would be an excellent match, take the time to facilitate an introduction. 

By taking action and showing your support, you help create real change that will have a lasting impact on the Detroit Region’s local businesses. There’s no better time than now to make an effort to invest in Black entrepreneurs and help increase economic opportunities for the Black community.