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Black-Owned Norwest Gallery of Art brings ‘Love and Light’ through Art to Historic Detroit Neighborhood

August 5, 2021
At the Detroit Regional Chamber’s 2021 Detroit Policy Conference, the perseverance and future of small businesses in the region was a leading topic. Many local business owners spoke, sharing how they strategically navigated the challenges of the pandemic and what they project for the future of local small businesses. Small business vendors also showcased their products at the Detroit Small Business Street exhibit and shared their stories with the Chamber.

Many of the small businesses interviewed were Black-owned, and in recognition of National Black Business Month, the Chamber is sharing a series of blog posts to learn more about each business.

Among these vendors was Norwest Gallery of Art, a Black-owned art gallery in the historic Detroit neighborhood of Rosedale Park. Located on Grand River between Evergreen and Outer Drive, the three-year-old gallery’s location was not chosen at random.

Founder Asia Hamilton shared with the Chamber that she opened the gallery in Rosedale Park because she grew up in the neighborhood and knew there was a need for art and culture. She also wanted to create a new community space that brings “love and light” to Detroit, which she believes her gallery does through the arts.

Norwest Gallery focuses on African and Black-American contemporary art. A few exhibits and events the gallery has hosted include HAIRarchy, an exhibit on the Black hair experience; Unraveling Racism, an immersive art experience featuring artist talks and performances that examined systemic racism in America; and their most recent exhibit, Flower Therapy, an immersive flower art installation.

Up next for Norwest Gallery is Woman House, an artist-in-residence program.

“We’ll have a minimum [of] 10 artists in a house, specifically the house I grew up in. There’s going to be art installations in each room, [all] dedicated to the woman experience in America. Woman House will be opening on September 18,” Hamilton said.

In addition to hosting exhibits and events, Norwest Gallery also offers art commissions and advisory services to corporations, interior designers, and private collectors. They will advise in the processes of art acquisition, event and space art curation, art installation, and collection management.

“It’s my pleasure to bring the arts to the Northwest side of Detroit,” Hamilton said.

You can keep up with Norwest Gallery’s events and exhibits on, Facebook, and Instagram. Watch a full interview with Norwest Gallery here.

General Motors sponsored Norwest Gallery’s booth at the Conference.