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Power of & Podcast Releases New Episodes

January 24, 2024

The Detroit Regional Chamber presents the two latest companion episodes of The Power of & podcast, which features Michigan’s Majority and Minority legislative leadership sharing their highlights of 2023 and a preview of their 2024 caucus goals.

Brad Williams, the Chamber’s Vice President of Government Relations, sits down with Speaker of the House Joe Tate and Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks, then with House Minority Leader Matt Hall and Senate Minority Leader Aric Nesbitt of Michigan’s Minority legislative leadership.

The Power of & Podcast focuses on reaching solutions to modern-day policy problems utilizing the power of “and.” Instead of deciding between two solutions with the same end goal, this podcast brings together policymakers to discuss their political similarities instead of their differences. With hosts from the Chamber’s Government Relations team, you can expect to hear from a wide variety of thought leaders on how to solve deadlock in politics.