Overview Of 2018 MICHauto Summit: Explore Your Automobility Future

October 18, 2018

Michigan Business Network

Chris Holman welcomes Glenn Stevens, Executive Director, MICHauto; Vice President, Automotive and Mobility Initiatives, Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, Detroit, MI. Glenn gives a recap of the 2018 MICHauto Summit: Explore Your Automobility Future.

MICHauto’s signature event offers automotive industry leaders, students and interns the unique opportunity to connect and help explore future career opportunities directly from leaders working in the industry. Conversations and topics will explore the future of the automotive, mobility and technology fields and how the industry is rapidly changing from decades past.

Glenn joins Chris for a recap below:

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DRC President & CEO, Sandy Baruah, talks MICHauto with Chris Holman on “Business Beat”

Chris Holman, host of “Business Beat” interviewed Detroit Regional Chamber President and CEO Sandy Baruah on the new MICHauto program and the recently-signed Memorandum of Understanding the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.