Don’t Let ‘No’ Stop You: Industry Insiders Share Insight on Diverse Career Paths

Showcasing the state’s diverse and exciting automobility industry, four leading insiders shared their insight on what is driving Michigan forward — from collaboration to access to global OEMs. Pierre Bourgin of the autonomous and electric vehicle company NAVYA, Ann Arbor SPARK’s Komal Doshi, Tarun Kajeepeta of startup company Mobiliti, and Detroit Mobility Lab’s Chris Thomas participated in the 15-minute, TED-style talks, which were new to this year’s MICHauto Summit.

Pierre Bourgin on Michigan’s appeal to tech and mobility companies:

“Where else would you want to be? Only here do we have access to the industry and the technology you need, and a pipeline of people who are passionate and motivated to work in the industry.”

Komal Doshi on mobility’s ability to improve lives:

“The mobility disruption in Michigan has allowed more fields than ever before to work together and connect people unlike anywhere else in the world.”

Tarun Kajeepeta on creating a startup:

“There is no better level of resources than in this region, all of them are here and ready to be used. Don’t be intimidated by the size of the industry players, there is a spirit of collaboration here like no other.”

Chris Thomas on overcoming obstacles:

“What if someone says ‘no,’ who cares? Work through that no and focus on the ‘yes.’ It is about putting yourself out there and working to build something and create an experience.”

The Automobility Forum was sponsored by the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development.