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What’s the Biggest Challenge Facing Michigan?

May 28, 2024

Michigan’s Legislative Leadership in Lansing Discuss the Biggest Obstacle Facing Our State, and How to Come Together to Overcome It.

A Lack of Coordinated Economic Growth Plan

Matt Hall

“The governor’s population council spotlighted deep problems holding our state back. Michigan needs a bold, coordinated economic growth plan but doesn’t have one. Leaders must work together and craft a strategy, foster a fair tax and regulatory environment, and build an economy where businesses and workers succeed. We must also invest resources wisely to repair our crumbling local roads and bridges, and we must strengthen accountability in schools to help students learn. Together, we can help Michigan grow and thrive.”

Matt Hall, House Minority Leader (R-Richland Twp.)

Ensuring All Communities Can Participate in Our Success

Winnie Brinks

“Michigan leaders have an incredible opportunity to set our state up to be the premier choice for families, businesses, and investments in the years to come. Our challenge is to ensure that all communities can participate in Michigan’s success. That means committing to elevating voices that have traditionally gone unheard. It means making intentional investments, so that people who are most vulnerable aren’t left behind. It’s a privilege to work toward that goal, and of course it takes collaboration from everyone.”

Winnie Brinks, Senate Majority Leader (D-Grand Rapids)

Reluctance to Move Beyond Policies of the ‘Lost Decade’

Aric Nesbitt headshot

“The greatest challenge we currently face is the reluctance of those currently in leadership to move beyond the regressive, unproductive policies of “the lost decade.” Handing out billions to multinational corporations while raising taxes on hardworking families will never grow our population or create more economic opportunity. The way you can solve this problem is to come together around creating policies that keep more money in the pockets of families, streamline government bureaucracy, and create a long-term infrastructure investment plan.”

Aric Nesbitt, Senate Minority Leader (R-Porter Twp.)

Growing Michigan’s Population

Joe Tate Headshot

“Growing Michigan’s population is the biggest challenge facing our state and it is our greatest opportunity. From expanding our economy to the benefit of workers and business owners alike, to seeing the growth of students from preschool to adulthood, to growing the strength of local communities and expanding opportunity for all. We have made great strides and are committed to pursuing the policies that will attract and retain generations of Michiganders.”

Joe Tate, House Speaker (D-Detroit)