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Why Business Owners Should Consider Bundling Their Mobile Service and Internet to add Security, Simplicity, and Savings

June 21, 2023

By Sonya Callahan, Regional Vice President, Comcast Business

Three decades ago, small businesses put mobile service on the map and were the driving force propelling the dramatic consumer adoption of cell phone usage. Today, companies like Comcast that partner with businesses to offer internet are also offering mobile service, providing a fast and easy way for businesses to marry the two. Now they can use that technology to usher in a new age of doing business. Here are a few ways marrying your company’s mobile service and internet can help:

Increase Security

Corporate cell phones can provide an extra layer of security for business operations. With a dedicated work phone, employees don’t need to keep sensitive company and client information on their personal devices where it’s unprotected and easily accessible to ransomware attacks.

Also, work phones can be managed by company administrators, meaning that if an employee loses their work phone or leaves the company, it’s simple to ensure that any sensitive information is kept private. A separate corporate device is safer for the employer and the employee in the long run and keeps work and personal lives separate.

Save Money and Simplify Operations

According to the Bank of America 2023 Small Business Owner Report, 31% of business owners say they are reducing costs because inflation is currently impacting their business.

For businesses looking for ways to save money, Comcast Business can provide a solution that bundles mobile service with internet with the ability to easily switch between unlimited and shared mobile data options depending on the business’ changing needs. This can provide extra savings and simplify operations by reducing the number of technology partners your company relies on.

Provide Extra Redundancy and Reliability

Mobile devices offer a layer of redundancy to your technology infrastructure. Many employees who work from home use their residential WiFi; if it fails, the ability to use a phone’s hotspot to re-establish a connection can be crucial between a successful and stalled workday.

Using mobile phones, business owners and IT managers can also check security cameras at every location, as well as monitor and control network usage and speeds virtually through network management solutions like SD-WAN. Decision-makers no longer need to be on-site to resolve issues, which is especially useful for locations that are not nearby.

Sonya Callahan is the Regional Vice President for Comcast Business in Michigan. For more information on how Comcast Business can help your small business, email Sonya.