DCAN/DPN – October 2019 Update

This past summer, Detroit College Access Network (DCAN), in partnership with Detroit Parent Network (DPN), opened the Postsecondary Academic and Career Endeavors (PACE) Detroit Center at DPN. The goal of the center is to connect parents and students to higher education, skilled trades, on-the-job training, and other opportunities that lead to a postsecondary degree and increased income.

DPN Parent Champions Presenting to Teach for America – 2019 New Teacher Orientation

DPN trained and hired parents from the community as Opportunity Navigators (ONs) to help reach families in their neighborhoods through Parent Cafes and other DPN outreach activities. Families from Parent Cafes and other internal programming visited the drop-in hub to receive support with continuing their education. Due to poor retention rates, ONs will receive more technical assistance and coaching along with increased wages starting Fall 2019. Accordingly, fewer Parent Cafes will take place than planned.

Overall, parent members, community partners, and the board of directors agreed that the PACE Detroit Center was innovative and indispensable. However, participation in PACE opportunities failed to meet expectations, and the program only fully came together in its last week. Despite this, skilled, accessible advisors and college representatives were able to give one-to-one sessions in a comfortable setting during the program. Through ups and downs, DPN and DCAN have worked together to assess challenges and create viable solutions, and outreach strategies have since been redesigned while keeping PACE doors open.

Recently, DPN received funding to increase the number of walk-ins and to support outreach. With the funds, DCAN hired two high school interns and a part-time outreach coordinator to help with outreach at larger community events. In addition to the outreach teams, DCAN also hired two trained, highly qualified counselors to work one-on-one with students and families to support them with the next steps in their college and career journeys.

After the PACE Detroit Center first opened in July with low turnout rates, it conducted mobile workshops with partner organizations, bringing the center to students and families directly. Instead of losing momentum after its original strategy did not work, PACE reached out to key stakeholders who already had large numbers of students for summer programs. This strategy was successful and will be put into effect next summer. Partner organizations can also host summer programming at the center, which will help increase traffic.

The project goal of engaging 250 students and families with knowledge, support, and completing the next steps for enrollment into postsecondary institutions was exceeded by 100 students and families who participated in 11 mobile workshops. Students and families explored the possibility of enrolling to complete their educational endeavors to work towards increasing their income through the program.

DPN also worked with Grow Detroit Young Talent students and staff to create a “CEO challenge”, bringing more ready-to-enroll young people and adults into the center in its final weeks. Six DPN parents and staff met with advisors to learn about debt forgiveness programs. With the focused support of Detroit Regional Chamber staff, they are now enrolled in local community and four-year colleges.

Hope Starts Here and DPN Parent Champions! Hope Starts with Families and Valuing Education!

DPN includes the PACE Detroit Center in a larger vision of building the Community Pathways to Opportunity program through 2019 to summer 2020. A new cohort of Opportunity Navigators begins training in October and will be deployed with DCAN and other partners to provide parent and youth peer-to-peer support. Shared learning and storytelling are essential for those in the community whose families did not attend college or career institutions. Young people and adults need pathways and people they can relate to who inspire and equip them to build their possibilities. Together with schools and institutions of higher learning, DPN looks to encourage families throughout Detroit communities to consider new and exciting possibilities through opportunities to further their education.

Eden Gardens – October 2019 Update

Eden Gardens Block Club had a great summer. We came together for several events ending with Back to School Day. A member in our community gave out book bags and free haircuts at the event. We had face painting, archery, horseback riding, and chess lessons. It was a great way of ending the summer.

Our community has had some challenges with getting the exercise equipment for the playground due to backorders of the summer. We intend on putting down the final equipment within the next two weeks.

The playground has been very well used and we look forward to adding the new exercise equipment and expanding the playground in the future. Many thanks to NeighborHUB for its support. We could not have done it without you.

Detroit Regional Chamber, General Motors Announce NeighborHUB Grant Winners

• Eight grants up to $30,000 awarded to Detroit neighborhood nonprofit organizations.
• More than 100 applications received; number of grant awards increased from five to eight.
• Yearlong project work to begin this month.

DETROIT, Mich., Oct. 5, 2018 – Today, the Detroit Regional Chamber and General Motors announced the awardees for the NeighborHUB grant program during a press conference at the Northwest Activities Center in Detroit. Eight neighborhood nonprofit organizations will receive a grant and in-kind business support for innovative and collaborative solutions to problems their community faces. The NeighborHUB program is a collaborative effort between the Chamber and General Motors that is designed to empower residents in Detroit, Hamtramck or Highland Park to affect change in their neighborhoods through physical presence and innovative programming.

The grant awardees include:

1. Carrie Morris Arts Production (CMAP)
2. Detroit College Access Network and Detroit Parent Network (DCAN)
3. Detroit Phoenix Center
4. Detroit Theater Organ Society (DTOS)
5. Eden Gardens Block Club
6. Hubbard Farms Neighborhood Association
7. Motown Museum
8. Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency

“The response to this program was incredible, both in quality and quantity of proposals,” said Terry Rhadigan, executive director of Corporate Giving at General Motors. “We’re proud to have expanded the support to eight awardees and are excited to see the change the projects make across Detroit.”

The NeighborHUB program was announced earlier this year at the 2018 Mackinac Policy Conference and the application period launched in July. Through a collaborative process a advisory selection committee composed of representatives from the Chamber, General Motors and a representative from local organizations including the Department of Neighborhoods for the City of Detroit, Community Development Advocates of Detroit, and Michigan Community Resources, reviewed and voted on the proposals.

“We are confident that the committee selected organizations that will use the grant to provide their neighborhood with viable and innovative resources,” said Tammy Carnrike, chief operating officers for the Detroit Regional Chamber. “It is our hope that this program will serve as a roadmap for creating change in other communities across Detroit and the region.”

More than 100 grant applications were submitted, and the selection process was very competitive. Given the selection committee is made up individuals heavily involved with community nonprofit organizations, there were several instances where committee members had to recuse themselves from reviewing and voting on certain proposals.

Project work will begin this month and continue until October 2019.

NeighborHUB Grant Program Awardees

Carrie Morris Arts Production (CMAP)

• Project: The CMAP Amphitheater and 2019 Outdoor Summer Series
• Scope: This project will create an amphitheater and provide free, multilingual family-friendly performance programming across 12 formerly vacant lots serving the West Campau and Banglatown neighborhood.
• Grant Award: $30,000

“We are thrilled to receive support from the Detroit Regional Chamber and General Motors via the NeighborHUB grant program. This support for our physical infrastructure expands our reach, allowing us to provide free, multilingual, family-friendly performance programming to twice the number of our current audience members in 2019.”

– Carrie Morris, Founder and Director, Carrie Morris Arts Production

Detroit College Access Network and Detroit Parent Network (DCAN)

• Project: The Pathways to Higher Education and Careers Center (P-HECC)
• Scope: This partnership will support the Pathways to Higher Education and Careers Center and help connect both parents and students to higher education, workforce development, skilled trades, on-the-job training, and other opportunities that lead to a postsecondary degree and increased income.
• Grant Award: $30,000

“We are thrilled to expand our multigenerational approach of empowering parents as champions for their children to also address the significant gap in educational and career attainment in our neighborhoods. At DPN we engage, equip and empower parents to become leaders in schools and the community. With this startup grant and our partnership with DCAN, we can now train parents as Cradle to Career Ambassadors to help more youth and their parents to navigate the complexities of colleges, trade and workforce programs. Our Family College Drop In Center designed by and for parents along with College Cafes in the neighborhoods will help build more Pathways to Opportunity so that ALL of the families in Detroit can thrive!”

– Jametta Lilly, Chief Executive Officer, Detroit Parent Network

Detroit Phoenix Center

• Project: Asset Based Resource Center (ABRC)-Zen Zone
• Scope: This program will support the Asset Based Resource Center’s Zen Zone to provide support services and a safe, inclusive and youth-centric environment for disconnected, homeless and runaway youth in Detroit.
• Grant Award: $26,500
“The impact that this project has on our community is unmatched. The development of the Asset Based Resource Center – Zen Zone helps ensure that the most vulnerable youth in our community have a safe, affirming and inclusive environment to access critical resources and support. Thus, aiding in the likelihood that they will thrive in school, on the job and in life. When our youth thrive, our communities thrive.”
– Courtney Smith, Executive Director, Detroit Phoenix Center

Detroit Theater Organ Society (DTOS)

• Project: Welcome to The Senate: Catalyzing Community Cinema
• Scope: This grant will foster neighborhood engagement and expanded community use of the Senate Theater by transforming its vacant adjacent lot to a new useable community space and replace the theater’s missing marquee.
• Grant Award: $30,000

“Welcome to The Senate is a project that is going to help the Detroit Theater Organ Society share the magic of the movies and the Mighty Wurlizter with all of our neighbors, while beautifying our block. We are so thankful the NeighborHUB program is powering this initiative!”

– Lindsay Robillard, Playing Member, Detroit Theater Organ Society

Eden Gardens Block Club

• Project: Bringing Generations Together Through Clean and Safe Play
• Scope: This program will create a multigenerational, community-built playground that will serve as a hub for building positive relationships between community children and seniors, as well as promote fitness activity for all ages.
• Grant Award: $30,000

“Our multigenerational playground project will impact the community by serving as a central hub for social interaction between neighborhood youth and seniors. It will transform two vacant lots into a family-oriented space filled with laughter and promoting physical fitness. It will be a space where children can learn about leadership, cooperation and play. And, it will provide an opportunity for seniors who may be housebound to get fresh air and exercise. Our community will be impacted greatly by this project and we are extremely grateful to the Detroit Regional Chamber for the opportunity to make it a reality.”

– Karen Knox, Executive Director, Eden Hardens Block Club

Hubbard Farms Neighborhood Association

• Project: Fit & Funky: Culture and Wellness Programming in Clark Park
• Scope: Named “Fit & Funky,” this program will build on existing park assets to create community space for residents’ young and old by bringing fitness and music to the north end of Clark Park in southwest Detroit.
• Grant Award: $30,000

“Our collaborative neighborhood project between Hubbard Farms and Clark Park is all about bringing our neighborhood residents and families together within Clark Park by creating opportunities to enjoy time together. Whether it is gathering to hear music in our park during a regularly scheduled weekly summertime evening or being able to grab a neighbor to go work out together on our new fitness trail because spending time together as neighbors, develops an extended neighborhood family that cares for one another.”

– Deborah Sumner, Founding Member, Clark Park Coalition; Board Member, Hubbard Farms Neighborhood Association

Motown Museum

• Project: Dancing in the Street
• Scope: Titled “Dancing in the Streets,” this grant will help transform the green space adjacent to Hitsville U.S.A. into a community gathering space and provide programming such as: health screenings and fitness programs; food truck rallies and cooking competitions; popup shops for local businesses and much more.
• Grant Award: $30,000

“Dancing in the Street will transform a vacant Museum lot into a year-round gathering space designed to bring tourists and Detroit residents together through the love of Motown music. Motown Museum recognizes its responsibility to serve as a community resource in the Northwest Goldberg neighborhood and is proud that Dancing in the Street will offer a community gathering space that is safe and interactive. Long before the Museum became a place to visit, the grounds of the Hitsville home was a safe space for aspiring musicians to learn, create and socialize.”

– Paul D. Barker, Director, Development and Community Activation, Motown Museum

Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency

• Project: Quality Housing Incubator at the Cortland Community Impact Center
• Scope: This grant will help launch a Quality Housing Incubator to provide hands-on home repair and weatherization instruction for area residents. The space will also be open for neighborhood gatherings.
• Grant Award: $30,000

“The NeighborHUB award will support Wayne Metro’s larger effort to transform and revitalize blighted neighborhood properties in Highland Park into a safe, clean and productive destination for community members seeking a variety of supports. Our efforts will focus on renovating a formerly abandoned house across from our Cortland Community Impact Center into a hands-on home repair and weatherization training and demonstration center for entry-level contractors throughout Southeast Michigan. This Quality Housing Incubator will also serve as a welcoming, accessible space for neighborhood gatherings and will strengthen residents’ sense of community with places to meet, share and volunteer together.”

– Anne Zobel, Chief Program Officer, Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency

Please note, grants were awarded based on the amount requested by the organization. Learn more about the projects at www.detroitchamber.com/neighborhub.