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2024 Mackinac Policy Conference Accommodations Update

December 7, 2023

The Detroit Regional Chamber has received feedback from members regarding the room reservation process for the 2024 Mackinac Policy Conference. The Chamber team apologizes for the frustration members experienced on the hotel call-in day, Tuesday, Dec. 5.

Chamber leadership is working on a long-term solution with Island leaders and hotel owners to improve the process our members use for making hotel reservations and increase the number of rooms for attendees.

While the Chamber is aware of more than 850 attendees making room reservations at Island hotels for the Conference, our team also understands that many attendees experienced challenges and frustration and, for now, remain without room reservations for the Conference.

Chamber leadership is tracking member feedback and sharing it with Island leaders and hotel owners. Our team appreciates that so many members followed our guidance to register early and secure a hotel code. This process will continue to be necessary as a long-term solution is identified.

Island hotels are small, independent businesses with limited staff and resources. The call volume the hotels received on Tuesday, Dec. 5, far surpassed previous years and, in some cases, overwhelmed the hotels’ internal systems.

Updated guidance regarding hotel room access, hotel waiting lists, and Mackinaw City accommodations is available on the Chamber’s website. The Chamber will continue to update this information.

The Chamber is confident everyone registered for the Conference before it sells out will ultimately have somewhere to stay.

Please reach out to the Chamber if you have any questions.