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Enable Employees to Become Poll Workers

Election Pollster

As an business, it’s important to foster a culture of civic engagement and encourage participation in the democratic process beyond just voting. A major way to do this is by encouraging your employees to become poll workers.

Poll workers are essential to ensuring a smooth and efficient election process,  and their role is crucial in upholding the integrity of our democratic system. They are responsible for tasks such as setting up polling stations, checking in voters, and counting ballots.

Michigan Poll Worker Requirements

Michigan residents can volunteer to become poll workers during the election voting period and on Election Day. Prospective poll workers with skills in organization, managerial or supervisory, customer service, and project management are highly desired. Familiarity with technology is preferred. 

Requirements include: 

  • Must be 16 years of age and a Michigan resident. Anyone 18+ must be a registered voter.  
  • No felony or election criminal convictions. 
  • May not also work as an election challenger, for or as a candidate, as a member of a candidate’s immediate family, or as a member of the local board of canvassers. 
Poll Worker Compensation

Michigan poll workers are compensated for their time assisting with the election. Pay is determined through each locality’s clerk and can differ between county, city, and township levels. For additional compensation information, please contact your local clerk’s office. 

Poll Worker Responsibilities

At polling stations or early voting locations, poll workers will welcome and check in voters, distribute ballots, and help with vote counting. Additionally, some individuals may be hired to assist in handling absentee ballots. 

How to Register as a Poll Worker

Individuals interested in working as poll workers must submit an interest form on the Secretary of State’s website, which will be shared with their clerk’s office. Once processed, if the clerk needs more workers, they will reach out with the next steps, including hiring and training.

To increase the chance of being selected, individuals can contact their area’s clerk to confirm their interest and inquire about openings.  

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