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Detroit Regional Chamber Releases the 2024 Policy Priorities 

May 2, 2024

The Detroit Regional Chamber’s 2024 Policy Priorities reflect an ongoing commitment to shaping a prosperous future for the Detroit Region. The Chamber’s Government Relations team outlined these priorities that address pressing challenges and seize growth opportunities, underscoring the importance of fostering innovation, nurturing talent, and promoting economic prosperity in the Region. 

Below is a summary of each policy priority and its guiding principles: 

Supporting a Business-Friendly Michigan 

A thriving business environment is essential for Michigan’s global competitiveness. To this end, the Chamber advocates for policies that streamline government processes, maintain competitive tax levels, particularly payroll taxes, and discourage local governments from imposing burdensome regulations. Consistency in policy across administrations is crucial for creating a conducive environment for business growth and investment. 

Improving Economic Development 

Holistic economic development incentives are imperative for Michigan’s continued growth. Initiatives like the R&D tax credit encourage high-wage, knowledge-based jobs, bolstering the state’s innovation ecosystem and attracting talent and investment. Additionally, establishing a payroll credit for job creation and supporting entrepreneurship through an evergreen fund are vital to fostering economic resilience and expansion. 

Growing and Up-skilling Michigan’s Workforce 

A skilled workforce is the backbone of a thriving economy. The Chamber is committed to increasing postsecondary educational attainment rates and promoting continuous college enrollment and completion. Creating financial incentives for employers and educational institutions to offer wrap-around services ensures that our workforce has the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the 21st-century economy. 

Maintaining Michigan’s Mobility Leadership 

Michigan can solidify its position as a global leader in mobility innovation by investing in talent development, infrastructure, and smart technology. Promoting collaborative economic development efforts are essential for enhancing the Region’s attractiveness to businesses and talent. The Chamber and MICHauto advocate and support Michigan’s prosperous mobility future.   

Promoting Regional Growth 

Regional collaboration is key to addressing common challenges and maximizing growth opportunities. The Chamber advocates for coordinated regional transit and supports local ordinances that encourage job growth and investment by fostering open dialogue and fiscal responsibility, laying the groundwork for sustainable and inclusive regional growth. 

Upholding Democracy, Equity, and Good Government 

A stable democracy and equitable economic policies are fundamental to Michigan’s long-term success. The Chamber supports bipartisan participation across all levels of government and efforts to provide capital to minority entrepreneurs and businesses. By advocating for innovative criminal justice strategies and inclusive economic policies, the Chamber strives for Michigan to be more equitable and prosperous.