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Conversions and Relationships: What’s the Correlation?

February 6, 2017
By Ashely NcNabb
Business Development

This post is part of the Digital Marketing Boot Camp series, a new set of blog posts across different mediums designed to provide intel to people and companies looking to improve their digital marketing strategy.

IMG_0384It’s Monday morning, and you sluggishly sit down at your desk. You sign into your email only to find… 15 unread emails from whom you have no idea. “Buy Now,” “Hurry! Must Act Now,” “Urgent Response Needed.” All subject lines that make you not want to ‘act now’.

In today’s digital world, we are seeing a significant shift in consumer behavior from a ‘quick, I need it now, don’t talk to me’ mentality, to a more ‘hold up, I need more time, let’s talk about this’ mentality. In both the paid search and social advertising industry, relationships are key to getting conversions. Successful relationship marketing leads the consumer through a buying journey, not just to a destination.

The goal here is to first, create brand awareness. This may be learning that your prospected lead is looking for a new computer. You could send them a quick note stating who you are and the computers that you sell. The next step in the buying journey is to generate demand. Provide them with information about why your computers are better and why they need one. The third checkpoint is to force a buying decision. Discuss benefits, pricing, and closing steps. Finally, inspire brand loyalty. Follow up with your customer, provide after-purchase benefits, and stay in frequent contact with them. This could be making sure your customer knows how to set up their computer or by following up and asking how they like the software.

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Some helpful tips to keep in mind to grow customer relationships are:

Understand your customersLearn where your customers are in the buying cycle and how they are searching content. Forcing a conversion too soon can chase away your customer.

Connect on a deeper level Micro-targeting by demographics, location, interests, and timing can make all the difference when trying to create stronger loyalty.

Tailor your message The goal of your ad-message is to move the customer to respond both emotionally and intellectually. By aligning your message to where your customer is in the buying cycle, conversion rates will increase.

There is a positive correlation between conversions and relationships. With conversion paths being longer than ever, it is critical to be there for your customer and provide value throughout the entire buying process.

Don’t be a Monday morning bother by trying to push conversions without knowing anything about the targeted consumer. Build a loyal customer base, and you will surely see an increase in revenues, profits, and overall digital marketing effectiveness.


Ashley McNabb is the content manager for Eastern Michigan University’s Center for Digital Engagement, where collaboration with business and community partners occurs on the evolving nature of digital engagement. Ashley also works in business development at AdAdapted, the leading mobile advertising solution for driving CPG trial and repeat purchase. While busy in the professional field, she is also a full time graduate student at Eastern Michigan University in pursue of her MBA. Stay connected with Ashley via LinkedIn.

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