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Energy in Manufacturing

Energy reliability, affordability, and sustainability remain critical issues to Michigan’s manufacturing base, its competitiveness, and the state’s position as a leader in automotive that drives innovation. The Detroiter asked some key manufacturers to weigh in on the importance of energy infrastructure to their success in the decades ahead. 

Government and business must continue to work together to establish sound policies and advance sustainable investments that improve all aspects of Michigan’s and our nation’s infrastructure. This collaboration is vital to supporting job creation, advancing national and global commerce, and maintaining America’s competitive advantage.”



Energy is the life blood of Michigan’s manufacturing-based economy. Whether it is natural gas necessary for steel production, fuel for the transportation of raw materials and finished goods, or electricity to run manufacturing operations, energy is a critical component to our state’s competitiveness. Michigan’s energy policy must ensure reliable energy and delivered at a competitive price as these costs are incorporated into the base cost of every product produced.”  

As a manufacturer, we need reliable, affordable, clean energy to run our plants and create the products our clients entrust in us. These essential requirements allow us to be a leader in manufacturing in Michigan and compete with other regions in the U.S. and in the global marketplace, thus granting us the ability to employ talented hard-working people in our community.” 

To stay ahead of the mobility industry’s needs and remain globally competitive, Michigan needs an enhanced energy infrastructure including DC fast charging stations, broadband capabilities (think vehicle to everything) and hydrogen infrastructure. These advancements should align with global climate change goals. This is important for BorgWarner as a commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality are at the forefront of our strategy.”