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Finding Common Ground in a Polarized Environment

May 28, 2024

Members of Michigan’s Congressional Delegation Discuss How to Work Together to Advance Michigan’s Social and Economic Interests

Lisa McClain, U.S. Representative (R-MI 9)

Lisa McClain headshot

“There are many issues that break through the partisan polarization we’re seeing today. Protecting our Great Lakes and ensuring a strong future for Selfridge ANG are two areas where I have found great cooperation with my Michigan colleagues. It doesn’t matter if we have a red jersey or a blue jersey, when it comes to bolstering Michigan, we are all on the same team. Our challenge is to find more common ground to advance legislation that benefits our great state.”

Gary Peters, U.S. Senator (D-MI)

Gary Peters Headshot

“Bipartisanship starts with building strong relationships that are based on trust, respect, and finding compromise without sacrificing your core values. I almost always work with a Republican when I introduce a bill in the Senate. That’s why I was able to author and pass the most bills signed into law in one Congress in over 40 years. Finding common ground is the best way to solve the challenges facing our nation, and Michiganders need to demand more of this from their elected officials when they cast their vote.”

Debbie Stabenow, U.S. Senator (D-MI)

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“I have found common ground on many issues in my career – mental health, the Great Lakes, Michigan manufacturing, and agriculture to name a few. What does this work have in common? Listening, respecting differences, and looking for win-win outcomes are essential. It’s also critical to be willing to share credit and celebrate bipartisan accomplishments. Although the challenges are greater today, this is a formula that I know works.”

Tim Walberg, U.S. Representative (R-MI 5)

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“Michigan’s delegation holds a diverse range of views and convictions. While there should be no expectation of compromising core convictions, we must encourage open dialogue, grace, and teamwork to promote Michigan’s interests. I’m proud of my designation as Michigan’s most conservative congressperson based on my voting record. However, I’m also proud of The Lugar Center’s recognition of my bipartisan efforts to advance commonsense legislation and Michigan’s interests. We won’t always see eye-to-eye, but the conversation should always take place.”