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NFL Draft’s Impact in Detroit Projected to be Significant, Experts Say

April 30, 2024

The 2024 NFL Draft in Downtown Detroit concluded on April 27, setting astonishing attendance records, showcasing the greatness and beauty of the city, and leaving a significant economic impact – the full extent of which is still to be seen. According to the economic consulting firm Anderson Economic Group LLC, the projected net impact is expected to exceed $165 million.

This positive impact would not have been possible without the collaboration of many leaders and entities who managed the preparation and execution of the event. The Detroit Regional Chamber extends its gratitude to the hundreds of volunteers, workers, and Detroit businesses who brought this event to life, with a special thanks to the following organizations and individuals who were integral to the Draft’s planning and profound success:

  • Claude Molinari, Chris Moyer, and the Visit Detroit team
  • Mayor Mike Duggan and the City of Detroit
  • Alexis Wiley, Co-chair of the Detroit Local Organizing Committee
  • Dan Gilbert, Mark Hollis, and Rocket Companies team
  • Dave Beachnau, Terry Rhadigan, and Marty Dobek, of the Detroit Sports Commission
  • Quentin Messer Jr. and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Chief James White, Commander Matthew Fulgenzi, and the Detroit Police Department

Learn more about the Draft’s impact on the city in the CBS News article below.

CBS News
April 29, 2024
DeJanay Booth-Singleton

The 2024 NFL Draft in downtown Detroit concluded on Saturday, and city officials anticipate the economic impact to be significant.

The city ended the event by setting the attendance record with over 700,000 fans at the event, beating the record of 600,000 fans that was set in 2019 in Nashville. Detroit also set the record for the highest attendance on Day one of the draft, with 275,000 fans.

On Monday, the economic consulting firm Anderson Economic Group LLC projected that the net impact is expected to exceed $165 million.

Additionally, the firm projected that there will be a direct economic impact of $100 million to the city, with an estimated total of $37 million in expenditures of attendees.

“The record number of attendees at the NFL draft in Detroit creates additional economic impact, and our original attendance estimate was within 10 percent of actual turnout,” said Tyler Theile, the firm’s chief operating officer and director, in a statement. “Hosting the NFL draft was an exciting win for Detroit and presented invaluable opportunities for the city to showcase its culture on a national stage, fostering long-term tourism and investment prospects.”