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Submit Detroit Businesses for the Special Edition Monopoly Board, to Launch in Late 2024

May 9, 2024

Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press via Top Trumps USA

Detroit Free Press
Jenna Prestininzi
May 7, 2024

Monopoly is bringing the town square to the Motor City, with a special Detroit edition coming later this year.

Organizers are putting together the Detroit Edition of Monopoly this spring, giving local organizations a chance to be featured in the iconic game.

“These community editions are some of the most fun and exciting and beloved versions of our games that we make,” said Tim Barney, sales executive for Top Trumps USA.

What are Monopoly’s community special editions?

Hasbro, the company behind Monopoly, started rolling out community special editions in 2020 and has since featured several U.S. cities, such as Brooklyn, New York, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Nashville, Tennessee and Tulsa.

“The reason we chose Detroit is because it seems like it’s a wonderful place, there’s definitely a lot of local pride, a lot of cool attractions,” Barney said.

How many Detroit organizations will be featured in Monopoly?

The game will feature between 15-20 local organizations, either on the Monopoly board or through the game’s cards. Potential candidates include restaurants, businesses, financial institutions, historical landmarks, local government, museums, nonprofits and sports venues.

As Detroit-based organizations compete for a spot in the Monopoly game, officials are looking for longevity, credibility and community engagement.

“We are spoiled for choice, we’re meeting a lot of great candidates so far, and we do make selections as we go,” Barney said.

When is the Monopoly Detroit Edition release date?

Officials expect the Monopoly Detroit Edition to launch in late 2024, with a launch party to mark the occasion in Detroit.

Officials are currently conducting interviews with Detroit-based organizations to select candidates for the edition. The process is expected to wrap up this spring, followed by the start of production and design of the Monopoly board.

“One of the best compliments we can get is when a Detroiter walks up to the game box and they’re like, ‘Yeah, that feels like home,’ so we do a lot to try to capture the aesthetic and the spirit of the region we’re in,” Barney said.

How do I submit suggestions for the Monopoly Detroit board?

Community members and businesses can share suggestions through the online submission form.