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Grow The Talent Pipeline And Increase Per Capita Income

October 16, 2020

The talent pipeline in the Detroit region directly impacts the workforce needs and per capita income of our region. Students in the city and region are falling off at various points of their education – before graduating high school, before obtaining a college degree or skilled certificate, and before joining the workforce. Since the majority of Detroit students are Black, Latinx, or of other minority races, these populations are being disproportionately impacted by the broken talent pipeline. Recent data starkly illustrate the severity of these disparities and what the region has to gain by eliminating these issues.

· 69% of city of Detroit residents ages 18-64 without a high school diploma are either not in the labor force or are unemployed.
47% of Detroit region students and 73% of city of Detroit students who pursue postsecondary education, have not earned a degree or certificate within six years of graduating
Per Capita Income increases by $1,250 when bachelor’s degree attainment increases by one percentage point.

Source: Detroit Regional Chamber’s State of Education Report