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Oakland County Passes Three-Year Budget

October 1, 2021
The Oakland County Board of Commissioners approved County Executive Dave Coulter’s balanced budget for fiscal years 2022-2024 Wednesday evening in a unanimous vote. The Coulter budget continues to break with the past practice of dipping into fund balance to pay for general operations, instead preserving it for critical investments and emergencies.

“Bipartisan support for our balanced, three-year budget reflects the collaboration among all county leaders to pass a budget that is fiscally responsible and invests in areas critical to our county’s future,” Coulter said. “I applaud the county-wide elected officials and department heads who worked diligently to find the savings that allow us to invest in our employees and the critical services they provide to county residents.”

The county executive’s budget reflects his commitment to strong and transparent fiscal practices, maintaining a balanced budget, and funding key priority areas. It invests in infrastructure such as roads and cyber security, funds a countywide Incident Management Team and an environmental sustainability officer, launches a new Indigent Defense Services Office, and creates a Conviction Integrity Unit in the Prosecutor’s Office. The fiscal plan also continues to support existing programs such as Health360 that expands health care, Oakland80 that creates post-secondary education opportunities, and the Clean Slate Workforce Initiative.

The general fund budget is balanced at $487.3 million for fiscal 2022, $483.5 million for fiscal 2023; and $ 492.9 million for fiscal 2024. The total budget for all fund amounts is $961.7 million for fiscal 2022, $954.9 million for fiscal 2023, and $969.5 million for fiscal 2024. For more information about the budget, go to