Restart: Automotive Best Practices

COVID-19 has disrupted operations for Michigan’s automotive industry, and transitioning to the “new normal” post-pandemic will not be easy. View resources for automotive OEMs and suppliers on how to prepare to restart operations safely and cost-effectively while prioritizing the health of employees.

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CAR: Restarting Automotive Manufacturing After the Coronavirus Pandemic

This article was written and posted by the Center for Automotive Research. As the coronavirus crisis continues to disrupt the global economy, North American vehicle sales have dropped sharply, and…

Moving Forward: Auto and Mobility Marketing and Communications Post-COVID

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COVID-19 Case Tracing Apps in Development for Automotive Factories

Thirdware Solution Inc. and The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. announced that they are in discussions to help automotive manufacturers quickly deploy advanced technology to provide confidence to their employees…

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What Automotive Suppliers Need to Know: Back-to-Work Planning

It’s false to believe that businesses can rely on predicting the future to chart their course over the coming months with too many variables and too wide a range of…

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Readiness Essentials Checklists for Warehouse, Retail

Auto Smart Start: 7 Playbooks to Guide a Post-COVID-19 Restart

COVID-19 has disrupted operations for Michigan’s automotive industry, and transitioning to the “new normal” post-pandemic will not be easy. Below are 7 resources for automotive OEMs and suppliers on how…

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Return to Work FAQs from ASE

ASE (American Society of Employers) pulled together a FAQ on the key things businesses need to know when preparing for returning to work when the “Stay at Home, Stay Safe”…

Lear: Safe Work Playbook

Lear: Safe Work Playbook An interactive guide for COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and response. The manual covers a wide range of topics, including step-by-step guides for setting up a pandemic response…

Middle Market: Positioning to Reopen and Rebound

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