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The Critical Role of Community Colleges

December 15, 2022

Nearly 530,000 jobs in high-demand, high-wage professional trades fields alone will be available in the state through 2028 with nearly 50% of those jobs requiring some postsecondary education, according to the state of Michigan. As employment patterns shift, creating diverse opportunities across all educational institutions of higher education is crucial.

Like their university counterparts, community colleges have a critical role to play in strengthening the talent pipeline across the region and meeting educational attainment goals. Through initiatives like the Detroit Drives Degrees Community College Collaborative (D3C3) and the Detroit Regional Compact, the Detroit Regional Chamber is working to connect community colleges and employers in new, innovative ways to drive collective action to meet workforce demands.

“Community colleges are critical to building smoother pathways from education to quality careers, given their close engagement with K-12 schools, local employers, and four-year university partners.”


Kayla Roney Smith, Portfolio Manager, Ballmer Group Southeast Michigan