Make Detroit the ‘salsa city’

The Detroit News: December 20, 2013

When you think of Detroit, you think cars. You think Motown. You think, salsa?Well, you should. Thirty-one percent of the nation’s fresh salsa is made by Ferndale’s Garden Fresh Gourmet — a little-known fact that highlights the transformative power of small businesses and speaks to the uniquely entrepreneurial spirit in the Detroit region.

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Duggan: ‘Now the real work begins’

The Detroit News: November, 5 2013 By Mike Wilkinson, Darren A. Nichols and Steve Pardo“What we have in common is much more powerful than what divides us. Now the real work begins,” Duggan said. “They want somebody to go into City Hall, get rid of the bureaucracy and get city services going.”

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