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Apply Today: Entrepreneurs Access Network Supports Black, Latinx Companies

September 21, 2020
EY’s Entrepreneurs Access Network teams with Black and Latinx founders to transcend barriers and scale their businesses. Minority-owned companies contribute greatly to the US economy (4.7 million jobs) and capital market ($700 billion annual revenue). But many Black and Latinx businesses cannot reach their full potential due to barriers that make funding, capital, and connections difficult to attain. As an expansion of our current programs that help entrepreneurs succeed, EY has developed the Entrepreneurs Access Network (EAN) to help Black and Latinx companies bridge the disparity gap and achieve new heights.

EAN is a business accelerator program, as well as an always-on learning community. It leverages EY tools, services, events, and professionals to help companies scale and grow by complementing their current leadership activities. EAN utilizes an immersive platform built on three foundational pillars — business community ecovillage for networking, curated growth drivers to scale, and an expansive capital network for funding. EAN will team with a web of like-minded companies and organizations dedicated to making sure Black and Latinx founders achieve sustained success.

There are two program paths to broaden the reach — a curated, class-based learning program and an on-demand, self-instructional educational component. Flexibility on criteria will be based on the scalability of the company. Learn more about eligibility and benefits here.

Apply or nominate a business before Wednesday, Oct. 14.