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Black-Owned Boutique in Detroit Trains Youth in Retail Operations

August 19, 2021
At the Detroit Regional Chamber’s 2021 Detroit Policy Conference, the perseverance and future of small businesses in the region was a leading topic. Many local business owners shared how they strategically navigated the challenges of the pandemic and what they project for the future of local small businesses. Small business vendors also showcased their products at the Detroit Small Business Street exhibit and shared their stories with the Chamber.

Many of the small businesses interviewed were Black-owned, and in recognition of National Black Business Month, the Chamber is sharing a series of blog posts to learn more about each business.

Teresa Singleton, founder of BouTiki, a women’s clothing boutique in Detroit, spoke with the Chamber during the Conference. BouTiki provides quality women’s clothing and accessories for budget-conscious shoppers.

BouTiki is located in a classroom at the Durfee Innovation Society (2470 Collingwood St., Detroit), a repurposed school in Detroit. Singleton chose to rent space there because of how her business aligns with Durfee’s mission, which is to create opportunities for Detroit children and residents through an intersection of art, business, education, faith, government, human services, media, and philanthropy.

BouTiki aligns with that because it is not just a clothing boutique. It also offers convenient growth opportunities through retail training for Detroit youth.

“We’re located in an area that lacks shopping opportunities around a lot of youth who need training, so we’re very excited to be able to use our operations to train youth in Detroit as well as offer quality merchandise right in the immediate neighborhood,” Singleton said.

You can shop BouTiki Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Appointments are required. You can also follow BouTiki on Facebook.

Watch a full interview with BouTiki here.

General Motors sponsored BouTiki’s booth at the Detroit Policy Conference.