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BRS Lab Services and the Trant Team at the University of Windsor Collaborate to Offer Innovative Research and Development Services

March 6, 2024

Windsor, March 6 – BRS Lab Services proudly announces its strategic collaboration with the globally-leading Trant Team at the University of Windsor to deliver cutting-edge Research and Development (R&D) solutions to businesses worldwide.

Recognizing the challenges companies face in navigating complex R&D landscapes, BRS Lab Services has joined forces with the renowned Trant Team to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet diverse R&D needs across various industries.

The Trant Team, comprised of multidisciplinary experts including synthetic chemists, computational chemists, analytical chemists, biologists, and materials scientists, brings decades of collective experience and a collaborative approach to tackling research challenges. Through this collaboration, businesses gain access to a dedicated team committed to understanding their requirements and delivering innovative solutions.

“For more than 37 years, BRS Lab Services has been a leader in microbial contamination detection, serving companies of all sizes with trust and reliability,” said Patricia Wireman, Chief Executive Officer at BRS Lab Services. “By partnering with the Trant Team at the University of Windsor, we’re expanding our offerings to include comprehensive R&D services, empowering small businesses to innovate with confidence.”

The collaboration between BRS Lab Services and the Trant Team offers a wide range of R&D services, from single experiment support to full turn-key solutions including:

  • Functional design and formulation for food and beverages, cosmetics, and consumer goods.
  • Chemical, bacterial, and physical stability testing and challenge resolution
  • Customization of properties to enhance consumer experience and optimize production costs.
  • Development of antimicrobial solutions tailored to specific process needs.
  • Assay of antimicrobial potential of materials against a wide panel of microbes according to international standards.
  • Chemical process development and customized chemical synthesis of new materials.
  • Computational modelling of processes and development of AI or machine learning solutions to big data problems.

“This partnership represents a unique opportunity for businesses to access world-class R&D capabilities,” said Dr John Trant, principal investigator with the Trant Team, University of Windsor. “Together, we’re committed to driving innovation and providing practical solutions to industry challenges.”

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### About BRS Lab Services:

BRS Lab Services is a leading contract laboratory specializing in microbial contamination detection for product and environmental samples. With over 37 years of experience, BRS Lab Services offers trusted solutions to companies worldwide, enabling growth with confidence.

### About the Trant Team, University of Windsor:

The Trant Team at the University of Windsor comprises multidisciplinary researchers dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and addressing real-world challenges. With expertise spanning chemistry, biology, and materials science, the Trant Team delivers innovative solutions through collaborative research and development.

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